Monday, November 17, 2008

friends ;)

heeeyy :D once again , its end of year 2008 ;) its time for my .. THANK YOU LIST AGAIN :D

VoonMayYin .
DEAR BABE T_T thanks for everything this year . im glad that we didnt have any conflicts compared to last year ;) and thanks for being my listener :D and .. thanks for trusting me at the same time . akucintaawak :) and also THANKS FOR CHEERING ME UP , you SUPERBABE :D

AliyaSyaqira .
HOI SEXY :D we didnt camwhore lah this year compared to last year . damnness :\ although this year we didnt really speak much , but i enjoyed the times that you tell me bout ranjeeta :D ehehhe . and .. no matter what , you know i love you sayang ;)

ShazaHazwani .
POTATO BABE ! thanks for calling me for !@##$% hours when i needs help or .. skype-ing with me :D thanks for gossiping with me . thanks for listening to my midnight talks . thanks for telling me so much things . thanks for cheering me up whenever i need someone . just thank you for everything . you know i love you kan . :D love you !

SheilaLeeJy-Huey .
SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER ;) this girl ah xD . she often doesnt tell me if she loves me or not . but .. i know you love me laaaaahhh sister ;D thanks for listening to my problems and trying to sort them out . thanks for listening to my blabs bout jaychou . thanks for being there for me T_T thanks for understanding how i feels . and .. im sure you can read my mind like you always say :D and im sorry if i werent being honest with you in the beginning of the year , but since now we have a " pinky handshake " . im sure that i'll be very honest with you every single minute . :D love you , yokeshansheilalee ;) i mean , LOVE US :D oh btw , thanks for performing talentine with me .

ClaireCossetChinYie .
MYSEXYFRENCHLADY (: . claire thanks for being there for me whenever i need someone . thanks for being my leaning shoulder . and i enjoy every single moment with you :D . and obviously thanks for agree-ing with me no matter whatever i tells you . thanks for understand every single problem i have . and although we dont spend so much time together this year , but thats okay ! cause when we're alone , we've so many things to talk about right ? :) we shall have a sleepover someday as we always crave to sleepover T_T

ChowSherLin .
sexy , although i am not .. really close with you :D but .. hanging out once with you that time , was really good ;) you're a really good hangout friend ! and .. SJSY shall celebrate our bday together right ? :D love you (:

JasmineHan .
babe ! thanks for listening to my blabs bout ... *ahem* . and .. thanks for listening bout me talking bout jay chou ! hahaha . iloveyou lah dey :D and .. BETTER TAKE CARE OF YOUR PINK BOTTLE . !

LeawYenLin .
sexylady . thanks for everything during ur bday outing :) if you didnt like .. make an outing , SJSY will never be .. formed :D and .. you're always emo-ing T_T dont emo ! be HAPPY :D . and .. WE LOVE JAY CHOU ! ! I LOVE YOU HONEY !

PiongMeiTing .
babe from another school :D although we're not in the same school , and we've just met like once , i still have to thank you for alot of things xD . thanks for ... listening to me all the time when we stayed up late with ahchew during May . and thank you for giving me advices :) and im finally over .. * ahem * thanks for trusting me too babe ! take care yeahh . lovee you ;D

BrandonChew .
my bestest guy friend ;) thanks for trusting me .. and thanks for listening and give me advices + tell me what to do whenever i have relationship problem or .. whenever im sad . good luck on getting your girl aite ;D . loveyou !

TehShaoWei .
my lesbian ; my sexy ; my bestest friend in the whole wide world :D thanks for everything la sweetie T_T thanks for taking care of me all this while . and eventhough we dont really speak all the time . but we always use the holidays , to catch up on each other life ;) and nothing in this world will every stop our friendship . and . btw , how is our sleepover plan getting along ? o.O hehehe . love you babe ! mwah ! 8 years and still counting . :D

IanGoh .
i dont know what to say bout you . but i know whenever i have any problem , i can sure go to you ;) thanks for being my leaning shoulder , you've always been one :) and i hope you can stop *doing what u're doing* * ahem * one day ..and i wish . you'll get to live more than 21 years old ! love you ;)

TeyJingHer .
eh you T_T my zha-ing partner . :\ always love to zha people 1 lor T_T thanks for cheering me up all the time . thanks for all your sourveneir presents man . one from redang and one from ..... i forgotten where ==' ur next stop , penang right ? i want the PENANG BRIDGE :D ahha kidding . love you . :D

StanleyLow .
hey you giraffe ! :D you can never fail to cheer me up ;) thanks for all the time that you made me laugh . and thanks for .. keeping all the secrets i've told you ! * i hope * i mean , YOU BETTER t_T . i guess u're in the plane to italy right now ;D enjoy yeah boy ! love you :] .

NatalieHay .
my hangout buddy ;) thanks for all the hangout times ! and . your bday is coming ! :D having a sleepover again ? o.O i guess u're in " australia " right now ! xD i hate you for making me hating you for pranking me that u'll be going australia , but u're going phuket instead . pfftt . ;\ hehe love you aite ? :D

FarahIlyana . NurHaznina
hey sexies ;D . i've nothing much to say bout you babes . ;) but you guys are awesome ! and u guys are really hyper maannn ! ;D love you love you !

thank you for making my break & lunch in school , a splendid one ;D . and nice meeting all of you (: lovee all of you !

LimCarmen .
hey babe ;) thanks for your brownies that day . you're a little sweetheart ;) thanks for saying that i look like angela zhang . ANGELA LEE YOKE SHAN :D nice name :P ahah love you ! and i dont know how did we get close recently :P maybe fate brought us together ;) and you lah ! got calvin baby , dont want lee yoke shan adi T_T make me damn sad . hehe :D

LeeXuehQi .
my jie since last year :D eventhough this year we didnt really talk much ! but i still love you ;) we'll hangout real soon aite ! and goodluck with you and " yourmix " . :P

2Beta 'o8 .
KuikCheeSoong !
i doubt u'll be reading this . but i still want to write this out ;D thanks for helping me to win for cho tai ti ! thanks for giving rm20 bucks to claire as my bday present ;) thanks for remembering that my bday is coming T_T when claire told me that u gave her rm20 to share with her as my bday present , i wanted to cry ): thank you mannnn ! i loveeee youu , guy-whose-gonna-be-taller-than-me in-any-time T_T

hey boy ! thanks for giving me super advices this year ;) and thanks for calling me TheDoctorLove. HAHAH . and thanks for trusting me ! hope everything goes well for you ;) i love you okay ! my Head -.-' if u get what i mean , as im ur assistant T_T

BrandonLim :D
thanks for all the lame moments ;) thanks for saying that YOKE SHAN IS THE BEST ;D thank you , seriously ;) you know i love you !

CarissaYuen !
my cheerleading budddy & my spotter ! thanks for listening to me talking bout jay chou lah babe ;) we shall hangout once aite ! :D love you sweetheart .

KatieLee .
my scottish-halfchinese-but yet fluent in speaking chinese mummy in school :D thanks for all the time when you try to cheer me up ! thanks for begging fauzan to give me an A T_T thank you mummy ! you're the 2nd greatest mum anyone can ever have ! love you , MUMMY LEE :)

VictoriaTan .
my aunty in class ;D thanks for the time you tried to cheer me up ! im sure u're in taiwan right now ! enjoy yeah babe ! and dont remember to buy some JAYCHOU stuffs for me T_T hahaha kidding kidding xD . love yyyouu .

JocelynChee .
sexy :D although we dont really talk in class right ? you know i love you lor okay T_T and .. when you know how to use DSLR , remember ask me to be ur model okay :P i free of charge ! eheh remember yea !

GanMeiYin .
my babysister in class ;D thanks for cheering me up lah babe ! eventhough sometimes u're really looking cool , but i still love you ! i love you !!

TanShirley .
The smartest girl in class ! fahrenheit fan lah this one . she bought the " mostexpensive ticket " for fahrenheit upcoming concert T_T . VVIP LEH ! rm500 ++ okaay ! wah rich sial XD

Freda .
this one another fahrenheit fan XD . remember that you always bring fahrenheit magazines to school ! haha ! u're really outgoing girl ! ;)

Febriana Pangestu .
i didnt know she was .. half indonesian :\ and now .. she's in INDO ! thanks for the time during exams (: you know it , i know it :D and this shall be our dirty-little-secret aite !

im sorry buddies that i haven been talking to you :) but all of u are great ! thanks for making 2 beta a great class for me ! :) i love all of you :D

KhooZhiWei .
you're leaving srikl already , next year T_T hope u'll enjoy in ur new school aite ;) take care ! and i love you :D eventho i dont really talk to you . but u're jay chou fans right ?

TeeRachel .
My baby mei ;) thank you for ur SUPER DUPER EARLY BDAY PRESENT :D which is JAY CHOU LIMITED EDITION + FROM TAIWAN ! omg seriously , thank you . i owe you a thousand times . and ... on that case , i dont know what else i can do for you ;) i just hope that i'll be able to be there with you no matter what happens :D good luck to you and you littleblueboy . aHA xD . and stay cute mei ! love you forever ;)

LinYeunHui !
Mei . first of all , i hope you're enjoy your school in methodist next year . i'll miss you forever :D and when i'm able to drive when i'm 18 , i will still remember you and fetch you around aite mei ? i promise you and thats gonna be our promise till then ;) hope you'll miss and remember me :D i love love you ! take care mei !

AngPikJune .
Mei ! we didnt talk for like how many months adi lah T_T i hope everything's going well for you ;) i hope you're enjoying life right now ! and although i did not seem to be talking to you much this year , but i want you to know that i'll be there for you all the time aite . no matter when ;) love you ~

my fifteen honeys :D good luck to the form 5's and good luck on ur journey next year ;) thanks for making this year , a splendid year ! and take care all of you ! love fifteen of you ! :D mwahs !

p.s :// im sorry if got any gramatical erros / spelling ! as shaza keep asking me to post this a.s.a.p some of them was type-d on friday or saturday .
p.sss : // its not in order ! because all of them takes a place in my heart ;)
p.ssss : // im sorry if i left some of you out , if i did , leave a tag in my chatbox , and i'll update this post :D



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