Sunday, November 2, 2008

betrayer :D

heeello :) woke up around 1 something today . quickly had brunch and bath . then michelle and melanie came :D i taught them how to play QING TIAN on guitar . they are really fast learners , they know how to play half of the song already ! around 4 something , they went home . so my sister watch princess hours then we went out to buy groceries . and i bought LA LINGERIE DVD . like FINALLY T_T i've been craving to watch that movie :D i watched until like 7.30 . the show is really funny :) . then i watched tv with mummy !

anyways , school's tmrw . im so lazy for school lah ==' . i bet we're gona get back our results . and im sure i did no good T_T then i'll cry in school if i get really bad results . then , school wont be fun .. cause i dont know why lah .

i felt so betrayed :) i know that i dont have the right to scold you all or anything . but ... i know that i did nothing wrong . maybe the others wont feel anything , but i thought you guys were my true friends and .. i really really put you guys on top of my heart . you talked to me bout it , but YOU DIDNT EVEN TELL ME BOUT IT ! how daarree you =\ . i was so shocked until other people told me . like wtf . okay im not suppose to waste my energy being angry at them . but i cant T_T . they're like .. MY PRECIOUS and now , they're treating me as though im some rubbish for them :) IM STARTING TO HATE SCHOOL . i dont like to go school anymore ): . going to school , last time .. was REALLY FUN . cause i had SUPERFRIENDS to be with me . but now .. going to school , make me realise , WHAT TRUE COLOURS MY FRIENDS ARE . you dont need me to mention any names right here , do you ? and .. YOU STOLE AWAY MY BESTEST FRIEND . DONT DENY . YOU KNOW IT , I KNOW IT , THE GOD KNOWS IT :D . i'll make you regret , AND SUFFER . YOU , BITCH . WATCH YOUR FUCKING DAMN BACK . I FEEL LIKE PRIVATING MY BLOG , INVITE THE WHOLE WORLD BUT NOT YOU ... AND BITCH THE WHOLE THING BOUT YOU RIGHT IN THERE . AND TELL THE WHOLE WORD WHAT A FUCKING BITCH ARE YOU ! but i wont :) cause im not that MEAN as YOU ARE . motherfuckingassholes .


` ' she damn wtf 1 lah . you know her right ? she's like that '
THIS LINE HAUNT ME FOR FRIGGING MONTHS . and dont tell me you dont know this line . YOU SAID IT BEFORE AND THIS PROVES YOU BITCHED BOUT ME BEFORE :) so now if u're claiming that im bitching bout you , well , FAIR AND SQUARE :D .

now i feel like celebrating my bday with aliya ; may yin / carmen & xueh qi / SJSY only : D cause they're the people whom are really good to me . and and SHEILA LEE , WE SHUD JUST CELEBRATE TOGETHER LAH . the lee's sisters celebrate their bday together . how cool :) . or or , i shud just INVITE THE WHOLE WORLD , AND NOT YOU ALL :D HAHAHA . well , i want you TO FUCKING FEEL THE FEELINGS IM HAVING NOW . ! :D



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