Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i'm going be a bad boy . :)

hello :)

  • today was rather good . i reached school late . around 8.15 . due to raining + woke up at 7am . havent been waking up at 7 like YEARS ! i guess my sister wanted me to sleep abit later , or i couldnt wake up eventhough she shouted at me for like thousand times :X
  • anihoos , when i reached school , quickly went for K.H . thank god they haven start baking . teacher taught us the steps and all . then we took our ingredients .. and start :) i was the ... stirring girl T_T when we were baking brownies , we started off happily , then guess what , ABIGAIL did wrongly T_T she mix the flour with butter + egg , when its suppose to be done last . so yeah . there went my brownies ): that kind of upset my mood , cause its like yeah . then she gave me do every single thing , cause she was scared that she do something wrong . so yeah , after the brownies , it was COOKIE TIME :D . when everything's done , we started to cut our brownies and all . and guess what , MY COOKIES WERE LEFT IN THE OVEN T_T and there were my 1/4 of cookie i made . and it becamse BURNT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES :) thanks shirley for the chocolate chip , and sorry for wasting it . i've no choice , but to dump it into the rubbish bin T_T
  • then was break . we went up to class and played the guitar . and then the guys came up . :) then zhou wei was like " arent you all suppose to be in the audi ? " we were like you serious ah ? cause we didnt know that all the girls of srikl is suppose to go to audi . so yeah , we went down , and we were late . and guess what ? miss malaysia tourism + miss malaysia something something . well , 3 miss malaysia came to our school (: . the first session was telling us bout their talents and performing it , and asked who can sing . CHARL YEE SANG FIRST LOVE AND SHE DID GREAT :D woohoo !
  • then it was a short break , went up to class and continue-d with guitar . around 11 , went back down to audi . they taught us how to do catwalk :) we have to stand straight , tummy in , and yadda yadda .
  • after lunch , was third session . we played 2 games , first was the ... positive negative game . after that , we played twister :D it was really fun ! weee :)
  • then went back to class . after that , to the canteen :D played the guitar , sang . and so on . then it was time to go home .
after school , i played SHUO HAO DE XING FU NE - JAY CHOU on the piano . :) it was kind of hard T_T but practice makes perfect . so yeah . after playing , i went to take a nap . around 7 , woke up . got ready for guitar , left for guitar at 7.30 . wanted my brother to drive me there , but he doesnt know how to drive my mum's car as my sis drove her car out . that was indeed sad . my brother havent drive me out before T_T he wanted to , last saturday , but couldnt T_T nvm , one day he should drive me out for yumcha or something :P then ... i brought my jay chou CD and showed teacher :) we played dao xiang ! and then ... he was figuring out the chords for track 4 - hua hai . but he couldnt . AHAH . there's this frigging 1 chord , that he couldnt find , so he was like ... BLARDYHELL . why jay chou compose until damn hard ? @!##$%^ he was damn pissed XD he didnt want to borrow my CD at first , cause he scared he'll break it or something , but just because he wanted to finish that song , he decided to :D i kept on warning him to take good care of it before i leave , or else he'll have to buy me a new one T_T

tuning in : rainism - rain .
p.s : // my year end " thank you " post will be up on nov 14 / 15 :) i've started writing on it , as everyone knows , every year ... i will post up a ... thank you post for every single person who have helped me through out this year eg : classmates / best buds . so yeah , stay tune to find if your name is ON MY LIST ;)
p.p.p.s:// those pictures where i took in cameron highlands , ALL GONECASE T_T cause my old phone memory card got problem again . fuck :X .



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