Friday, November 28, 2008

twilight .

`to those who havent watch twilight , please do not have any high expectations or whatever , this is cause you've read the book (:
`for those who havent read the book , well enjoy :D
` to those who watched twilight , and read the book , i know it wasnt what you guys expcted , but just accept it . this is cause ... we have too much high expectations , and its a movie . what can you expect ? i mean a movie made out of a book , cant be better than the book ,cause book can be more detailed you see . a movie cant make a 5 hours show right ? the budgets and all . so yeah , please do be considerate :)

okay . i am really getting pissy abit . cause ... i'm having you know what -.-' ish :\

i cant wait for sheila's and mine celebration with my skittles babes tmrw :) exclude may yin , cause she has her gma's bday T_T
cant wait to see all my babes which i havent seen in years .
cant wait to watch twilight with them , eventhough it will be my second time :D
cant wait to go to redbox with sheila cause we have been craving for it .
cant wait to talk to them T_T
cant wait to give each of them a hug esp aliya & claire T_T
cant wait for our skittles outing including may yin . cause i really want to talk to may yin so badly :\ we can only communicate thru sms T_T
sorry babes if i put on my anger on you tmrw , cause u shall know the reason ):

blog later :) going to eat .

my superb friend (:

my lesbo :D :D

nina suka pose (:

mainey mainey :D

farah ilyana binti mastura :) right ? o.O



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