Monday, November 17, 2008

KungFuPanda ;)

hello :D its 2.17 pm .

currently chatting with shaza & fitri ;)


i just finish watching ...


yeah i know this movie is like damn long and i only watched it -.-' but what to do . aih . :\ . anyways , its kind of sad ! i mean i cried at some parts and LAUGHED at some parts :D im happy that its a happy ending . ! Panda Po defeated TAI LUNG :D mwahahha . oh and i just found out that , the voice for the monkey in the Furious Five is JACKY CHAN ;) sexy much ?

next movie later : MADAGASCAR 2 : ESCAPE TO AFRICA ;D

i missed LEO EXAM last saturday :\ . wait , was it last sat ? erh , yea i tink so :X . anyways , i couldnt go cause my mum didnt allow me . she didnt even allow me to go pyramid , what about going to BATU LAPAN SCHOOL , PUCHONG RIGHT ? anyways , SRIKL LEO will have a leo bonding session this saturday , in pyramid :D . and im sad to say that i wont be able to attend T_T as im flying back to ipoh on friday with daddy and jie for Cousin's Wedding ;) kor cant go , as he will have to study for SPM , HAH SUCKER :P and mummy have to take care of him .

i might be cutting my hair in ipoh ;D so maybe .. you guys will see the new YOKESHAN when im back from ipoh . haha , maybe not -.-' i want to cut my fringe :) but not like some lala girl -.-' just ... yeah . i dont know ! urgh . xD

as for those who thinks that im flying back to ipoh ? im sorry to tell you , you're wrong :P IPOH DOESNT EVEN HAVE AN AIRPORT :D so yeah , that means i've to stick my ass in the car for 2 hours T_T

running to bed :P
goodnights , sweetie .
XO '



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