Friday, November 14, 2008

new classic (:

its the first day of HOLIDAYS . T_t and im stuck with boredom already . ugh .

i slept at 2 something in the morning . cause i was busy watching MissNoGood . then when i was sleeping halfway around 11 something , mum came in and ask me if still can go take report card ? then i saw .. you go and see lah , how i know ==' . then she didnt want to . anyways , then i got my lazy bump out of the bed as my maid wanted to tidy my room . so yeah . went to et breakfast and watch the TiVo .

after that , i stayed online and continued with MissNoGood . around 3 something , it rained . so i stopped . and then i had this talk with mummy bout my results and such . then i watched AnotherCinderellaStory again as it was raining heavily . i cried at the same part T_T and .. WHERE'S MY JOEY PARKER / DREWSEELEY ):

im so bored right now . T_T



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