Sunday, November 9, 2008

pyramid on sat :D


woke up around 10 something . quickly bath and wash my hair . then told my mum that i'm going pyramid later and had breakfast . left house around 12.15 . reached pyramid around 1 ? i told sheila that i was reaching . and she was like ... okay i come to entrance now . so yeah i waited for her at the entrance . walking from left to right and in to out ==' i kept calling her , she didnt want to appear T_T then she called me and asked , LETS PLAY HIDE AND SEEK ! i was like wtf XD . yeah but i met up with her at last . then later claire and aliya came at the same time ;D .

  • went up to look for movie tickets . the movie was EFFING LONG T_T so yeah we gave up .
  • then went to delifrance to have lunch . and suddenly .. there's this ... girl who claims that she's deaf .. and sat next to me . i thought that i knew her ==' then yeah , she showed me a paper to ask me to donate . so aliya and i donate rm5 each ;) and we had this japanese doll ? and aliya is keeping it ! :D and i wasted my KIDS MEAL SET ;) eh all of us ordered kids meal set + 2 appetizers . but it all cost rm62 =='
  • it was 3 already by then . so sheila and i checked the movie .. while aliya and claire go check for redbox . the line for movies was still long . then suddenly jing her called and ask us to meet up with him . so we went to entrance and met him . after that went to redbox . then we talk talk , and jing her doesnt want to go redbox . so we sort of said bye to him and told him that we'll meet up with him later .
  • went to redbox . and they were playing SHUO HAO DE XING FU NE - JAY CHOU MV T_T sheila kept on dont let me see ): and they said that 4 pm only got room . so yeah .
  • we went to look for some place to chill out , and we bumped into jing her ;) so he came with us instead . he wanted to eat at ming tian . but its outside of pyramid , so we didnt want . then went to naeb? instead :D but i dont knw why we went to some restaurant instead .
  • after that , we went to ARCADE ! aliya and i played the percussion drum . :D and .. it was ... very swt . AHAH then sheila and jing her were playing RACING CAR ! sheila WON ! * woot * then we played mario kart ;) claire won T_T shit XD . AHAHAH aliya half way playing she was like .. " i give up lah .. grrr "
  • then went to baskin robbins ;) around 5.30 i left adi :D
    daddy picked me up .

testing for smile shutter ;)

do we look alike ? no right ? :D

` bloggers a bitch T_T cant upload anymore pictures . pftttt .. ! will upload later .



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