Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What if..

your love doesn't lasts?

I've forgotten the beauty of blogging. And now I wonder why I'm back here? Well, the truth is sometimes I do enjoy sitting alone, infront of the computer and just typing my thoughts out. Share my thoughts, but twitter has it's word limits which just restrain me from bombarding my twitter and spamming my followers, so my blog shall do it, since not many, wait correction, no one ever reads it. Joy.

Last week, I was approached by a question on twitter. I personally tweeted "Never ever missed someone so much before." And I received a reply, saying "that's what you say in your past relationship. It's best to never say rubbish like this."

Trust me, when I read that, I was furious and offended, of course. He, definitely wasn't my ex. And, whoever it was, no I'm not mad at him or anything, but what? It felt like I was personally attacked by him.

First of all. Do you even know who my tweet was referring to? Secondly, I'm pretty sure I definitely did not say that about my ex before. Thirdly, who are you to tell me what to tweet?

I know. This is ridiculous. I honestly don't get it. Am I at wrong? I know I used to blog about how much I love my ex in my previous blog posts, and now that I've found someone new, it proves that i'm not loyal. But just to clarify myself, a part of me will always love him. As every way. Although I can never forget him, all the things which I'm only holding to are memories. He left me. What was I supposed to? Am I supposed to wait on him forever? What's the point when he left me? He left me for someone new. And was I supposed to just keep waiting like a fool? I can't deny the fact that I will always love him, but hey, I got to pick myself up. Thank God when I was going through my darkest moments, I had someone with me. You have no idea how much pain he has put me through. And i blame him no more. I've let him go, and got over him. But, i honestly think I have the freedom and rights to pursuit my own happiness. Yes i may love someone else now, but I'll never forget my ex, and a part of me will always love him.

If i was at wrong, then wasn't he at wrong too? He said he loved me, but then he left me. What?

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