Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka ;)


woke up at 1 something today . watched finding nemo & meet the robinsons :D and also hito fm party . i sort of missed princess hours today . i missed it yesterday TT and today i only watch like 30 mins of it ): and im so lost okay . niway , today is so BORING ==' dont you agree ? mum's at ipoh right now , will be back in few hours time . sigh .

OH MY GOD . :D , yesterday my nuffnang was rm 0.51 , now is rm 6.32 ! i swear i dont know what i've done XD . shitness damn happy :) WOOOT ! :D i m going to do a new poll right now , when its new , please do it :D

OH OH BTW . :D im reading this blog , . its a blog which have a story . well , one of my friend ask me to read . and i feel its damn good :) i really like it . im being a good friend to advertise it here . whose interested n bored , please do read . its quite entertaining somehow :D and just leave a comment ! AHHAHA . :] . after reading , you can talk to me bout that story too !! :P

i guess im going to read this blog now . :D
running off :)
p.s : YOKE SHAN , WAKE UP . * SLAPS YOURSELF * stop dreaming TT

Saturday, August 30, 2008


helo . its 12am :D im currently watching , chat with lee chong wei on AEC . damn sad man );

FIRSTLY , i would like to wish MALAYSIA ,
51 years , and always couting :D

SECONDLY , i would like to wish LEAW AI LIN ,
HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY , xiao zha bo :P
although im not really close to you,
but when we went out for karaoke that time ,
was the craziest day :)
and you , crazy girl !

red house cheer captain 'o8 .
thanks for everything during cheer time ,
and hope u are taking good care of the trophy :P
love you!
good luck for coming SPM :D ..

have a good one , and may all ur wish come true . :)

and happy birthday to other MERDEKA BABIES :)

OU outing :)

hello people :D just came back from OU . (;

well , reached OU around 1.45 , met up with sheila & claire . then went over to watsons as claire wanted to buy her lip mosturizer . then went over to eat at sushi groove . again , yes i know . AHAHA :D . we got another rm10.00 voucher , valid date = 31 oct . if every time we eat at sushi groove like this ah , every month we have to eat once weih ==' HAHAH . after that went to MPH , looked around . then went to buy popcorn and drinks . went into the cinema around 3.30 . watched WALL-E . at first when the lights went off , there was this presto and bunny show ==' 3 of us thought we went into the wrong theatre . then after 15 mins , only show WALL-E . damn swt man ==' AHHA , it was damn touching and sweet lah the show . the first 15 mins of the show i cry adi ==' yes lah i damn emotional . oh and , our seats were at the left side , 2 , 3 , 4 , claire is suppose to sit on the left of me , i in the middle , sheila on the right . then claire saw that noone is going to be beside her , she freaked out . sheila and i laughed like mad . XD . is a you-got-to-be-there-thing . then i switched with her . i was scared also lah ==' then claire sat next to the wall , and sheila moved one seat to the left :) the movie ended around like 5.30 . then went to the music shop at the bridge there . outside CHARMS . saw star , star concert DVD by aska yang and the beijing album 2008 . wanted claire to buy for me , but she didnt have enough money ): hmm . damn cheap only man ! but there is always next time . :] then went to dreamworld . we tried this machine which we haven took before :) the price increased alredi ==' . now 13 tokens TT then went over to yipee cup . ordered drink and played cho tai ti . claire always win and she always get DIAMOND 3 . the last round , I WON :D around 7.15 , i left OU .

and now i am here ! :)
running off .
tuning in : zhen ming tian zhi - luo zhi xiang & jolin tsai


tomorrow's 51th MERDEKA DAY :D the day which Malaysia got its independence . WOOT :D not counting down tho . niway , AVRIL LAVIGNE's CONCERT WAS YESTERDAY :) im sure its great . well it looks like , there are some videos of her in the concert yesterday . CAN SOME OF YOU TELL ME HOW IT WAS ? :] I want to know ! ! next week is gona be FIR concert man . i want to go lah but jie's not gona bring me ): SIGH TT . although im not a really big fan of theirs but still their song are kind of good :D . and i remember loving them when they first had their album 2004 if i m not mistaken . is anyone going for FIR CONCERT ? if yes , please tell me ! I WOULD LIKE TO GO WITH YOU :D .

tuning in : zhou huo ru mo - ah xin & ding dang .
A word, a sentence, a flash, we’ve gone too far (;

Friday, August 29, 2008

then i kiss you lightly on the chin :D

oww . i just bang my hand on the sharp edge on the table ); ahh . the laptop is currently cacted == if only i had my headset here TT sigh nvm i'll just live with it :\ damn annoying .

today , started of with KH . i forgotten that we have KH == and when the bell rang , i looked at the sewing room clock , it was 8.30 , then i ask shaza , its only 8.30 why so fast . she was like .. " the clock is spoilt " i was like , OMG YEAH .! AHHA . then was ENG , mrs.k didnt come . so it was my ELMO time ): then may yin came and gave me a hug TT it made me cry TT may yin's hug make me cries TT after that was sejarah , BORING . ==' then was CHINESE , watched some movie . hmm . in the lab was talking to eugene and jamie . then was BM , ms.kova came and relieved . we did our own stuffs :) CV too , some random teacher came in , well she is nice tho :D then when about school end , ABIGAIL'S BAG GONE MISSING ==' we arent allow to leave the class unless she finds it back . then we helped out to look around the class , but didnt have , so shaza went to DELTA and chck , apparently got . those ppl who put her bag there , damn LIFELESS SIAL X_X .

school ended , then went to the canteen and eat lunch :D around 1.10 , went out to starbucks . the 5 of us were together again ! missing sheila , AGAIN ); hmm . and i was walkin with may yin , SUDDENLY SOME FUCKING DONT KNW WHICH COLLEGE GUY GO SHOOT SOMETHING AT MY ELBOW TT SHIT THEM WEIH . FUCK THEM , I CURSE THEM MAN , IT WAS DAMN FUCKING PAIN ALRIGHT == . hmm . it was kind of fun at starbucks , been years since we last drank starbucks . around 2 , went back to school , and sat at the porch , chatted and listened to songs . 2.45 , i left , fetching may yin back to her house :)

IM BORED RIGHT NOW :D i want to watch show , in lappie , but the speaker not working . omg man , what else can get worse ): i finished eclipse , now i need BREAKING DAWN :D hmm :) shaza dearest , is going johor tonight ! hope she misses me cause i'll miss her . aite , im done :D .

stoner me :D laughing claire :)

p.s : // SHAZA , MISS ME TAU , HAVE FUN YEAH :D . : // my english suck . overdose , i says overload . cloud 9 i says cold 9 .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celeb eh ?

that girl is so dangerous ,
that girl is so dangerous ,
that girl is a bad girl .
helo readers . it 7.13 pm .

today was kind of okay :D school was fun :) had fun playing flower flower and chinese whisper with my buddies . i just loveeeeee them . during sejarah and science , sheila and i kept asking stanley typical questions . like ... " what if u get this girl pregnant ....... how would u like to propose to ur gf ...... etc . " haha yes yes . we had fun talking bout this topic alright .

niway , im reading this girl's blog , she's an author , she published her first book at the age of FIFTEEN . its none other than , MAY ZHEE , LIM . i guess mostly of u know her . well , she lives a perfect life dont she ? well maybe now . she gets JAY CHOU autographs , and JAY CHOU collection . omg . * drools * i wish to be like her . ! she adores pink too ! interviews , tv show , newspaper , autographs , books , is so like her . some of u might say she's .. just lucky . but no , i believe that she had worked hard for her first book , thats why she can become quite popular now :D . click here for her website .

tuning in : dangerous - akon feat kardinal offishall .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nothing's Impossible :D

helo . its 6.37 pm :)

yes , some of u might be wondering , why am i online / blogging ? :D but i seriously doubt it . nihoos , yes , today i dont have piano class cause my teacher is stuck in a traffic jam in KL . but sad to say , my guitar class is still on . hm .

teacher : hey yoke shan . i have a bad news for you .
me : whattt ......
teacher : DONT WORRY LAH , u didnt fail ur theory exam . AHHA i just call u to tell u i have to cancel ur class today .
me : OHHH . SCARE ME !! why ?
teacher : cause i m stuck in a traffic jam in KL , so i dont tink i can make it for ur class later .
me : OH OKAY :D .

HAHAHA :) i was worrying so much for piano okay . i needed to ask daddy for cash to buy my grd4 theory book and grd 5 exam pieces . which i guess will cost alot . sigh . spending money time .

40 more mins till guitar class . gotta run :)
tuning in : jing wu men - show luo .


back from guitar class :D learned ye qu - jay chou today ! and teacher promised me , JAY CHOU SONGS EVERY WEEK ! :P omg omg , lovveee him :D . * screams *

niway , today was kind of boring . we had 2 periods of eng , one of the period we use it to play CATERPILLAR :D so fun okay :) and bm was replaced by ms.shieh . HER CLASS IS JUST SOO .. i can describe it with 3 words , FUN , FUN , FUN !! if only she will be our science teacher next year , but nooo .. she will be teaching o-levels ); .

mei ting told me that her school got like " best prince charming , best ms.worth knowing , best ms.helper , best ms.worth loving and etc " its damn blardy cool ! :D if u are voted to be the one , u can have ur pweety face on ur magazine and of cause , the title of the year :] i wonder why srikl dont have . * sigh . *

running off :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

this is the time of my life :D

So I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life
heeello readers , good evening :) i sound so formal =.='

nihoos , yesterday was like FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL after a week of holiday . i came late to school =.=' ! niwayyy .. first period was maths . and guess what , i didnt do the maths hw , AND I DONT HAVE COURSEWORKMARK then =.=' grrr . ); aniways , i've nothing to say bout school :) school have been such an ass . not like i hate it , but everyday , im so TIRED for school TT and seeing thiings which i dont like to see . sigh TT may yin , may yin . tsk tsk . * shakes head * we're just both the same :D .

my blog's so dead . =.=' yes i know , my blogs sucks . but actually i blog to release my feelings . hehe . nihoo . en.aliff is not teaching us BM , pn.idayu is still :D yay ! well , she's honeymoon-ning now i guess ;) and our new sejarah teacher , is cik Chandra . well , during her class , i can concentrate better lah :D

im going off :) going to edit my blogskin ! STAY TUNE FOR MY NEW BLOGSKIN ;D
tuning in : time of my life - david cook

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tag by yenlin :)

hello :D im blogging again . few hours back , there was 2 shows which i was so excited . at channel 311 , wah lai toi , MY FM 10TH ANNIVERSARY . at channel 708 , 8tv , 8TV SUMMER PARTY LIVE :) of cause the summer party was nicer :D taiwan artists also came to melaka , such as show luo , rainie yang , jolin tsai and stanley huang :) heheheh :] .

well , yesterday i read sinchew's newspaper , jolin's face had changed alot .. as in ... she has some skin allergies or something . feel free to visit for the pictures .. :) and i dont get it , tonight , her face was .... so ... pretty . as in ... nothing anymore =.='' so yeah , maybe her allergies was okay alredi . :D

i really love 8tv okay :) as some ppl might knw , i dont subscribe MTV .. so i couldnt watch MTV asia awards that time . but thanks to the superB 8tv , i managed to watch it :D i also could watch cheer 2008 previews , and now , 8TV SUMMER PARTY LIVE ! WHICH HAS TAIWAN ARTIST TOO :)

tagging time :

1. if your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
`i'll kick his ass and slap him twice ;)

2. if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
`to be what i wish to be :D some people might knw what it is .

3. whose butt would you like to kick?
`the one who have been tagging my blog , without its real name a.k.a " ass " ?

4. what would you do with a billion dollars?
`i would donate 1/4 of it , save 2 of it , spend another 1/4 of it .

5. will you fall in love with your best friend?
`if i really love him :D and he loves me too , yes :)

6. which is more blessed? loving someone or being loved by someone?
` being loved by someone ;P

7. how long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
`i've alredi waited for him 8 months , so why cant i wait longer :D

8.if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
`i'll let him be with the person he truly loves , cause if you love someone , you would like to see him happy , eventho he's not with you :)

9. is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
`yeappp ~

10. what takes you down the fastest?
`get rejected lah TT

11. how would you see yourself in ten years time?
` dont know :) i dont really predict the future .

12. who is currently the most important to you?
`jaychou :D nolah , of cause family and friends :)

13. what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
`LeawYenLin , she can be the nicest person to be with and the most hyper girl u can be with :)

14. would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
`single and rich :)

15. what's the first thing you do when you wake up?
`look at my handphone .

16. would you give all in a relationship?
` if i really love him , then i tink so .

17. if you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
` the one who loves me the most , caring :D and sweet .

18. would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone had done to you?
`yeahh :) cause hating someone is not easy .

19. do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
`single :D

list of 5 people you tag:

`May Yin
`Mei Ting
`Brandon Chew

Saturday, August 23, 2008

helo :)

hello :D good evening people ;)

woke up at 2 pm today . i knw late . ==' niway , watched some tv and ate brunch . was suppose to go to the TTDI Library with my dear may yin :) but too bad , we decided next week . i dont know why im in a study mood these days TT i wanted to put in some songs to the ipod , but guess what , IT HANGED == i tink the ipod hates me ); whenever i use it , it will be hang like shit , but my brother can fix it !! :\ ergh TT

TOMORROW IS BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008 LAST DAY . CLOSING CEREMONY AT 8PM . so fast right , i know ): 16 days only . it starts when school holiday begins , and it ends when school holiday is ending . ahha i hope jay chou is going to sing TT ah . i know that RAIN is going to lah :) and next four years is gona be AT LONDON :D i think .....

im going off right now :)
tuning in : tian tian ye ye-FIR

Friday, August 22, 2008

im sad D:

helloo :) today was just okay , not as fun as what i expected it to be . and things werent as well as how i want it to be .

niway , woke up at 11 , when i set my alarm at 9.30 . wtf , i was so lazy to wake up ;P . quickly took a bath , then 11.30 , left the house . first sent my bro to LRT , then me to claire's hse . reached around 12 . after 10 mins , sheila came . we painted our woodwork :D around 1pm , jing her mum came and picked us up :) thanks aunty for the transport . claire's mum was kind of pissed .. she was like " DONT LET THE TRANSPORT TO WAIT FOR U ALL ." cause we were packing up . hmm . then we headed to pyramid . first we went to find for ian . and he was wangan-ning . so jh also joined , and i saw my brother there ! o.O so sheila , claire and i go walked around . we go look for dreamworld , and go hiro to kacau stanley :P then later went to KFC and makan makan :) after that went to chck for the cinema ticket . thanks ian for lining up so long and buying for us :D 2 adults , 3 children . wtf , we girls are the children . AHHAHA :D then , yeah , went to buy credit and such . at 4 , met with jh and ian at arcade . sheila , ian and jh battled for daytona , then 3 of them and me battled for MARIOKART :D so nice to play :P is like , racing , and u get to throw things at people . ;D i was sooo noob , first time okay!! then went for the movie while sheila go meet her friend . WE WATCHED " DONT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN " :D disgusting yet funny . :P then , around 6.45 i left pyramid ..

in the car , daddy was kind of nagging me =.=' why go pyramid so far .. bla bla bla ... who went ah ? got boy ah ? how many ? classmate ah ? from srikl ah ? -.-'' omg .. then reached home :D watched the tv , played the piano , cooked mee! watched more tv :) then ask my bro tapau mcflurry for me :D ate while reading eclipse . eclipse i damn slow lah , chap 2 only TT

what if you find out , ur bestest friend is actually hiding something away from you , and after gazillion years , she only tell you ): what if the friend u trustest the most , betrayed u and backstab u like fucks .. what will u do ? :\ what if ur best friend tries to ditch u and yeahh .. steal ur friends TT OMG WTF WTF . i knew i couldnt trust u !! :\

p.s : I WANT TO WATCH SUSUK BADLY TT . : 2 more days till school reopen . D:


helooo :) im blogging about people who prank me recently :)

just .. few minutes ago ...

aliya says:
who's going?
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
going where ?
aliya says:
aliya says:
haha im crapping
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
aliya says:
aliya says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
aliya says:
yeah la!
aliya says:
just only opened!
aliya says:
omg, you dont know?
aliya says:
go read newspaper
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
sunway laggooon ?
aliya says:
aliya says:
aliya says:
it's like inside there
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
petting zoo isit ?
aliya says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
as in a real zoo or what ?
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
my sis say got lah lagoon
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
small small zoo
aliya says:
aliya says:
believe me for what?!!?!?!?!
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
aliya says:
go put that in your blog!
aliya says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i thought seriously got ><
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i sumore ask my sis
aliya says:
aliya says:
yoke shan yoke shan
aliya says:
imissyou la!
aliya says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
awh , i miss you too !
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i knw , u miss my sorries dont you ?
aliya says:
aliya says:
aliya says:
then you me and claire always laugh
aliya says:
we sit like so near
aliya says:
then tell stupid stories
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
aliya says:
aliya says:

that babe must miss me too much until have to prank me :P !

yesterday at 1 something . JING HER TRIED TO PRANK ME .... sms me using other number

he : halo supp , sleep adi ?
me : who are u?
he : dont play lah , i know u knw me .
me : no i seriously dont knw . dont play weih == .
he : there , im from sedaya . leo installation ?
me : huh ? whats ur name ?
he : * speaks in malay * which i forgotten .
me : omg is this a prank or something ==
he : ah culdnt prank u . niway u guess lah
me : u tell me lah , its 1.35 am , how am i suppose to think =.='' !
he : lol , just now u just talked to me
me : ah knew it was you ;)

when im around like going to sleep , and u intend to prank me or talk to me bout something unimportant , better dont kacau me , i will get damn piss man . imagine that time wasnt jing her , walau i sure say omg can u just please get a life , tell me who u are , and just fuck off ==

running off : TO MY BED :D
tuning in : take a bow - rihanna .

Thursday, August 21, 2008


mummy left to ipoh 2 hours ago ;) and i didnt get to wish her goodbye ): cause i was bathing . oh dear . ;\ . but thank god , she's coming baack tmrw ! bro just went to OU . sister with her boyfriend , and im all alone . ==' gosh :\ .

AND AND LEE CHONG WEI IS A DATO RIGHT NOW ;D he got a datoship , and he was plain surprised cause he thought only gold medal , then he will become a DATO :D but nooo ! actually silver also can ! OMG OMG , SO COOL :) he's DATO LEE :D he got rm300,000 and will be getting rm3,000 everymonth , even not doing aniting . syoknya ;P click for his blog :D . Dato'LeeChongWei im so proud of him !



im still bored ;) tmrw is FRIDAY , and 2 more days then it'll be school reopens TT ah , i dont want holidays to so fast end ): somehow i just dont like school , and we got a new timetable which can suck cock man TT FRIDAY , is no more that nice . and monday got science and geography TT i dont like having science and geo on monday ): and first lesson on mon , is gona be maths , not civik , so no more free period . omg see how that suck go ? and en.aliff is teaching alpha , not beta TT see , beta doesnt get any privellege . ppfftt .

oooh i cant wait for mooncake festival seriously ! :) its gonna be in september . september gona be a busy week for me i guess . mooncake festival and several wedding dinner to attend :D going back to ipoh a few times i guess . i feel like eating mooncake & playing lanterns now ! :P .

tomorrow is gona be the last day im going out , i swear . :\ i hope ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Claire's House :)

helo :D just got back from claire's hse like 20 minutes ago ?

well , today was suppose to have gym , but it was cancelled TT . i know , damn sad right ? ): so sheila and i decided to go claire's house instead to finish up our KH woodwork . i reached her house around 3.45 . AND AND SHEILA & CLAIRE PRANKED ME TT sheila told me that claire went to church with her church friends , and just got home .. and bla bla -.-' it was so stupid lah . i believed cause i wasnt in a mood to think that time , i had a fight with my sister , so yeah . then , we stoned ... and think what to do . we made quite alot of videos . EHHEHE :D then , around 6 , her mum said go parade for dinner :) ate at sushi king . then we walked around .

we were talking bout this someone , lets name him X .
and we were talking talking bout him ,
suddenly ....
we were like " OMG , LONG LIFE LONG LIFE SIAL "
i was like wtf wtf , TT
and , we passed by this watch shop ;D
and saw jay chou's poster for the brand " ellese " something like that ;D

around 8 something , we got back her house and persuade cindy to play tattoo on the guitar . then sheila left around 8.45 , i played 2 of my songs which i composed to cindy and claire ;D and they said i should play that for talentine . and they helped me with the chords and more ! hehe , love you guys , and thanks for supporting lah TT :) then around 9.05 , went home .

im in the mood for OLYMPIC :D seriously . AHAHAH , so interesting !
tuning in : beijing huan ying ni - various artists :)
running off : ECLIPSE ! ;0
P.S : TODAY'S 20 08 / 2008 ;D COOL NIA COOL NIA ;P

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outing :D

fish spa ;)

heloo . just came back from OU minutes ago :)
reached OU around 3.15 . and mum dropped me at new wing . and brandon chew was at t.g.i.f .

chew : eh yoke shan , i going new wing dii , meet at the cinema .
me : oh okay ..
* walking to GSC already *
chew : eh , meet at popular instead .
me : HAH ? .. POPULAR ? O.O
chew : yeahh .
me : wait , what else do u see ?
chew : pizza hut also
me : WHAT !! did u knw that popular is at new wing ?? 0_0
chew : serious ah ?!!
me : NVM , u stay there , i come find you .

walked all the way to popular . and once we met , we started laughing di XD . he laughed at me cause i walked so far . i laughed at him , cause he saw me , and he purposely walk further away =.='' then went to popular , and bought my revision books :) then went to collect tickets from TGV :D . after that ... went over to new wing , and he temaned me to go down to the rainforest where i always wanted to go :) it was so so peaceful & nice ;P then , i gave him 4 suggestions on what to do next . 1) karaoke 2nd)CC 3rd) pool 4th) bowling . well , he doesnt want to sing .. and CC damn lazy to go . pool , i wont play , bowling we have no socks . THEN THEN ... brandon chew saw the lift got " fish spa advertisement "

chew : EH , HERE GOT FISH SPA 1 AH ?
me : serious ? * looks at the advertisment *
chew : at level 1 , rainforest .
me : eh lets go chck it out :D

then we walked there . and we decided to go there . and we really kind of had fun there eventho it was boring . both of us were laughing like some mad person because we were so scared to put our leg in . AHAH i cant deny that it was so ticklish . and chew started to regret for not bringing his camera , then we could have camwhored :) after 30 minutes , we went out of there :D . then we went to eat . at bakerzin , but got new name , oriels ah . something like that . we ate there for 45 minutes . we shared one plate of lamb , and he got blueberry cheesecake , i got strawberry shortcake :D . then we went to MPH :D around 6.15 , we went to TGV , and buy drinks and such . then went in the cinema :) watched , THE DARK NIGHT :D yalar yalar , we damn outdated , after how long only we watch . but .. at 1st i thought very little people , mana tau , quite alot lah okay XD . so we werent the only out ones . chew had to explain to me everything cause i didnt quite understand . overall , that show is awesome ! :D . then around 9 , that show ended . teman-ed him go buy phone pouch . then we talked for 10 mins , he had to go cause his driver was kind of pissed alredi . then i went home :) .

pictures time !

brandon chew's leg :P

bestest friends ever :D

he is the one who can ever make me laugh happily :)

mirror mirror ;)


qian shan wan shui :)

hello :D its 11am :)

oh oh , i was watching olympics highlights . guess what i saw ? an advertisement of olypmics & jay chou song - qian shan wan shui ! i was like ... OMG OMG , FINALLY THEY USED THIS SONG FOR SOMETHING TT i was so touched until almost cry :D jay chou was suppose to sing this song for opening ceremony , but not selected . lets hope he sings it for closing ceremony TT AH , QIAN SHAN WAN SHUI<3. and jay chou purposely compsed this song for OLYMPICS :) well , he did sing this song at beijing olympic concert ;P AH LOVE LOVE THAT SONG TT

in 6 more hours , i will be going OU :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

exam :)

heyy :D i just came back from BU3 school . :D for my theory exam :) hm . i hope i can get distinction or even merit also good enough TT just not fail ! :\ .

niway , yesterday was MEN SINGLES FINAL . LEE CHOONG WEI from MALAYSIA vs LIN DAN from CHINA :) obviously LINDAN won . CW LEE was kind of not concentrating during the match . and LIN DAN was DAMN CHUN !! best badminton player vs the 2nd top badminton player , obviously the 1st win right ? :) lin dan got gold , CW LEE got SILVER :D he broke malaysia's record . MALAYSIA for BADMINTON , only got BRONZE , but now he got SILVER :D woooot ~ :) but i was quite dissapointed in CW LEE . newspaper says he's having lotsa of stress cause the whole malaysia is counting on him , but nothing big , nothing big , silver is very good already :D . both of them are kind of cute tho ;P


just came back from guitar class at ou :) i dont know what to do now =.=' HOLIDAYS ARE BORING LAH :\ i finished new moon dii :D now im in eclipse :] . i cant wait to go out lah . :) and till holidays over , then we're going to have SCHOOL :) altho i kind of dislike school , but still yeah , i wont rot at home ! and some people promised me to go out with me when they're back from hols , BETTER DONT BREAK UR PROMISE TT .

during guitar class .
* played finish bad day - danielpowter*
teacher : OKAY , NOW JAY CHOU.
teacher : actually , why do u like him so much ah ?
me : cause he's talented :D
teacher : where got . =.=' if he talented , i talented also lah .
me : * ahem ahem * oh yeah sure . AHAHAH .

AHAHAH :D teacher still taught me jay chou song , he taught me 2 songs today . 1st was ting mama de hua , 2nd was stop & stare :P . i just love my teacher . he's damn cute , funny and nice TT .

p.s : sheila lee , good luck for ur practical exam tmrw :) hope you get distinction :P
tuning in : stop & stare - one republic

Sunday, August 17, 2008


hello :) i have a new skin ! its simple and neat ;) and i adore the neatness ;P i just woke up an hour ago :X im so tired but cant sleep anymore .

i had this dream that my daddy was going to buy me a new phone cause i had 100 for music . [ when i was young , and if i get 100 , my dad will buy me stuffs ] so yeah . then when i woke up , it was a dream =.='' then .. i saw the newspaper , MY DREAM PHONE W760I , IS FINALLY OUT TT . after how long ): but i dont tink i can buy lah :\ . AH , SO SAD RIGHT :\ .

then then . F.I.R will be having concert in Stadium Putra , Bukit Jalil on 6 Sept ): i want to go lah . but dont know my sis wants to go anot . if she going , then i go :D but or else ... i cant go TT . ahh :) FAHRENHEIT will be coming over to malaysia for their concert also on OCTOBER . FAHRENHEIT fans , better grab ur tickets :P and be EARLYBIRDS !

oh oh , i just remembered something stupid yesterday . when we were out at SS15 , there was this social worker came to us and ask us to donate u knw . then he talked and talked and asked whether would we like to donate anot ...

me : BRANDON =.=''
social worker : yeah but bla bla bla ....
* so we shared money and donate rm10 :P *
worker : is this your girlfriend ? ( talking to chew , pointing at me )
chew : oh yeah yeah ...
me : o.O !!!!!
worker : nah , u can give this necklace to your girlfriend :D
chew : oh okay .

SWTNESS MAN =.='' but it was damn funny . XD . its a you-got-to-be-there-thing :) and the neklace i didnt take it , gave to ian instead :) AH , IM HUNGRY ! FOOD FOOD , WHERE ARE YOU TT .

i wanna be with you ,
ai ni hao xing fu <3.
this song really suits my situation now :P


im back :) i tink im going to have my breakfast around 12 something . grr ..

im always thinking , why is there such word as " hate " ? is not easy to hate someone you know . hating is really suffering . i just read someone's blog . and .... he was bitching bout someone i really really love . but i wont hate that someone because he's really my good friend too . i felt really hurt , looking at 2 of the people whom i really feel good with , fighting . i felt like as tho i cant do anything :\ . and .. maybe is one of you guys fault , or maybe is both of ur fault . but i dont know . sigh TT i just wish .. there wont be any hatred in this world :) and everyone will be peaceful :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

i wanna be with you :)

helo peeps :D new moon is currently okay for me . well it kind of sucks , but .. stephenie meyer is soo good at keeping us excited and curious for whats gona happen next :) im slow for new moon now TT but i cant wait for eclipse ;D

friday .. 15 - 08 - 08 :)

had two period of science . and we watched 2 movies . an inconvenient truth & artic tale . i wanted to sleep lah . i was damn damn sleepy TT not to say the movie is boring , it isnt . just that i was too tired :) then the nukata students from japan had finally arrived :D too bad we cant watch ): then was break . it was really quiet , cause there wasnt any prefects / form 3 i tink . AHAHA :D after that was .. 2 periods of art .

pros :
i) we can ask her bout her new born baby ><
cons :
i) art cant really be free period anymore TT
ii ) wont get 20 for coursework mark . iii) we'll miss en.aliff " coolness "

we played caterpillar . and claire won for her group . then sheila won for mine :) so we had 1-1 :D then we played " ha - meh - wah " , it wasnt really fun . then we played " chinese whisper " was really stupid & hilarious :D just love all of them lah ;) after that was chinese . i had this talk with sheila :) then we went out of class to watch " lion dance performance " but we cant watch it

after that we went 2 delta to wait for yen cause she's suppose pass ' new moon ' to sheila . so we waited . then we asked qpenn , if yenlin's inside the class . but she said , yenlin switched to gamma =.=' so we were like ... SERIOUS AH ? SHIT . then we went to 2 gamma , and looked for yenlin's bag . and we did see her bag , and opened it to see if she got bring . mana tau , the guys in our class claimed " we tao ye ( we stealing things in cantonese ) " and they took out their phones to take pictures & videos you know !! x_X so we quickly run and covered our face . went back the class :D and afiq spilled sheila's bottle so my place was wet . then we talked and laughed , bell rang .

then went AC for lunch with my usual lunch buddies :) then we went over to SS15/4D to take pics with the signboard . around 2 claire had to go so , chew , ian , chien wee and i walked her back to school . then ian and chien wee went back out . and chew and i go talk to calista :) then zw teman-ed me to porch and i took my book and went back to canteen . then yenlin , calista and i sang chinese songs . omiggosh , it was so fun >< " future singers eh ? :D " then sheila joined us :D around 3 something , i went home :P

saturday : : : 16 - 08-08 .

woke up at 7 for some reasons . then claire called me , and i culdnt sleep anymore . get out of bed , at 9am . then bath . and get everything ready . left house around 9.30 . then went to pick claire up from her house . and headed to school . we were waiting for ian to pick us up to AC as we were so lazy to wait . mana tau he was so late . then he reached skul and we wanted to walk there . then brandon chew came and fetched us there :) we had breakfast . we gossiped , ate and laughed :D around 11 something , we went to interview 3 shops . we culdnt take any pictures cause zhou wei is holding chew's camera TT urgh ): around like 12 something we were done , then went to FTZ . online and such . around 2 , claire had to go home . brandon chew and i pranked mei ting ! :) HAHAH , babe , sorry ah , everyting i told u was fake , but .. bout i was beside brandon chew at FTZ was correct :D sorry dear !

HEART OF GREED TODAY LAST 2 EPISODE ALREADY :) im sad that its over !! but .. im damn dissapointed about the ending . is damn normal sial . =.='' i rate it 8/10 overall :D im glad sheung joy sam together with tak tak dei :) and .. the wong sau kam is finally good ! fun chai and angel :D Gil gil , is also good person HAHAHA . those who watch , will understand lah :P and and some of the cast will be coming over to summit / sungei wey and one more place . I WANT TO GO :D but i cant ): . i wonder if bosco wong got go :D ahh * drools *


back :)

my boyfriend for the day :) i was suppose to hug it tighter , but im holding my purse .

the ones who understands me the most & my group member for KGT :D

p.s :people , please do visit . that blog is not dead , f.y.i :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

river flows in you :)

helo people ;D i know its been ages since i've last blog . you might think im not in this earth anymore , but i still AM :) ehhe . dont worry .. when im leaving , i will let you guys know . omigosh , im lame ;D .

i haven been blogging & going online this 3 days :D i bet mei ting misses me . :) right right right ? :] ahahah . and i've been real busy on this 3 days . peka to do , KGT . ah can die :] . guess what ? tomorrow is last day of school ! hell yeah man ;D .

we got back our position and percentage. i got 19 ): and 80 % gosh , so lowwww TT sad sad sad . and i've finished reading twilight from mon to wed . and now , i've my new moon !! ;D thanks to jasmine han for borrowing me this 2 books . ehehe love love you :] 2 of that books RAWCKS :)

well .. i've no idea what should i blog about ... i should just go off right now :)


ah back :) im just so bored until i've got to blog like some lifeless person =.=' oh .. did you know that im racing with claire for new moon ? :D sees who reads faster .. me or she . and the next morning we're going to check whose the winner :D if i am , then i dont have to pay her back rm1.50 . HEHEH ^^ btw , half of sriklians are all like .. in stephenie meyer's books . :) is like .. SRIKL'S TREND RIGHT NOW XD .

twilight :) new moon :D

eclipse . breaking dawn .

and and .. alot of people i know seem to be moving houses to a bigger house ): not many , but 2 lah . shaza and jing her ): OMG OMG TT so good lah dey ! eh eh , you 2 better invite me for ur open house party or something ;P

running off to new moon :)


kay . the third time im reblogging -.-' yeala . i've no mood for new moon right now TT

after reading claire's blog , i damn emo now ): yalar , elmo elmo TT gosh . i've noone to talk to at this second right now . and i've noone to talk to bout how im feeling right now . yalar , thats why i dont like going online . i dont have anyone to talk to . == for sure one . either i talk to jing her or shaza . but both of them offline TT . damn sad weih ): . what to do , yoke shan =.=' and .. i want to ask people whether i can borrow their eclips , mana tau they're not online . so i guess i've to sms TT oh dear man . IIMM FEELING SO DOWN TT . maybe cause of the song im listening to . damn sad lah okay ): " river flows in you - yiruma " DAMN NICE DAMN NICE . twilight fans , must listen ! :D i've set it on my playlist , so it'll be repeating until forever TT until im bored of that song . ah TT


I GOT AN ECLIPSE BOOK FROM TIFFANY LEE ! :) thanks babe . love you ;D and and , i found river flows in you piano score . oh my . HEHEHE XD

running to my bed :)

tuning in : river flows in you - yiruma ( bella's lullabye )
p.s:// theory exam's in 4 days ! & anyone can borrow me eclipse if you dont mind ?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

pui yee

hope you have a great one :)
enjoy yeahh ! ;]

gotta run for my good ! ciaoz ;)

Nina's birthday ; Leo installation

helo :) im sorry i didnt blog on fri and sat . it was both busy days and when i reached home , i straight away slept . so sorrryyy !

o8o8o8 - Nina's 14th Birthday ;D .
reached school
. and , may yin and i went down to look for nina , but she wasnt there yet ): so yeah . then i went to 2 Omega to ask jas for the book , but she didnt bring TT so yeah , went back up . first two periods was science , and we watched " an inconvenient truth " bout global warming . then " arctic tales " someting like that , bout the arctic is melting and polar bears can hardly find a place to land , and slowly they die TT it was sad okaayy :\ then was break . we thought that nina will be in canteen , mana tau she was still upstairs . so shaza , me , sheila and claire wanted to go up to look for her , and we saw her when they were coming down . so we wished nina happy birthday :) then we spent some time at the canteen . then was art .. zhou wei , stanley , ian , jing her was doing the video for nina ;D so .. some of us talked ; camwhored :) 2 periods of art just went like this . after that was chinese . boring man . teacher talked bout olympic =.='' and then was maths . we cleaned up the class . sheila and i borrowed natalie's laptop to check her video :)

then , bell rang . quickly go change . then claire's mum fetched sheila and i and claire to parade . SORRY NINA , WE WERENT THERE TO CELEBRATE YOUR " FAKE PARTY " ): when we reached , teman-ed sheila to buy her heels from voir . then we went to memory lane to look for nina's bday present . and we met may yin , liya , prasad and sean
:) hehe . fated . then later we went to T.G.I.F and helped out abit . around 2 something , the birthday girl finally arrived . and she was plain surprised and shocked , and of cause she cried . hehehe . we sang her a birthday song . then .. showed her 2 videos . then we proceed to our meals ;P and we camwhored with everyone . ahha . it was fun weih :) then , claire , sheila and i had to go . and we were kind of high . after that , went to claire's house and we gossiped / talked :D with cindy also . around 5 something , went home :P .

o9o8o8 - Leo's Installation .
woke up at 8 . had daddy fetched me to school , and eugene fetched me and sheila to sedaya . well we were early . very . then more people came . and i helped
with arranging the chairs when eugene and sheila were discussing bout their MC's Speech . mostly of the time there i was bored lah kay == ' practically i went there so early for fun ;P around 12 , eugene's parents came and picked me , sheila , eugene , diyana , yvonne and amelia to their house . and .. i was sitting on " my president's lap " ( diyana :P ) AHHAAH XD and yvonne kept complaining that she cant stand there cause it was so hot .

yvonne mum : since u cant stand there , why you have to go back there so fast ?
yvonne's dad : why you have to stand , you cant sit mer ?

AHHAHAHAH SO FUNNY WEIH . all of us were like laughing like shit XD . we reached , and we went to yvonne's room . yvonne was bathing , sheila and i changed . and bla bla , we got ready and such . then we went to eat lunch . chicken rice ^^ . then we hurried to go back to sedaya . and , then brenda , sam koay and i went to sell tickets :) brandon chew made a last minute decision to go :D around 1.45 , we went into the hall . then bla bla , we got installed and such :] . around 4 , chew and i went with the form3's to A&W .. for lunch . we had to walked there , and it was TIRING and we were SWEATING TT . we ate and bla bla . then around 5 something , stephanie fetched me to school and mum picked me up :)

overall , nina's surprise party was fun :) and i bet she was really really happy & surprised ;P hope you love the gift we gave you :D and the 2 videos , all of us spend our heart for you :] and leo's installation was a great experience to gain . and it was really fun hanging out with the leo's :D

the 6 of us . love you guys :)

sheila ; claire ; shan :D

JASMINE HAN KIT YING ! jngn lah emo so much kay ? :) remember think of yoke shan , enough di . and dont need to tink of that guy anymore ? :D ehhe . love you ;]

more pictures will be coming up after i get it from my babes :)
p.s // picture credits on o8o8o8 : Sheila

Thursday, August 7, 2008

heeeloo :)

hey :D im kind of feeling cold right now , i tink im having fever . =.=' i cant sleep as i have something urgent to do and jing her just said that GIRLS AROUND MY AGE CANT ALWAYS SLEEP DURING EVENING , YOU WONT GROW ... okay that really scared me =.=' so i practically lost my MOJO to sleep TT

niway , today was kind of boring . claire came at 10 something , how early ;) first period was moral . had to draw some poster " kemerdekaan " =.=' then was chinese . i did my theory ;D . after that was break . then was sejarah . cik ayu didnt come . replaced by saidi . sheila and i created a SONG :) yeah man . and it totally rocked . and thanks to shaza for commenting ;D after that was science . then claire came . science was borrrriingg . =.=' then was music . watch twilight trailer . omg , edward's SOO HAWT =D oh yeah man . then was lunch . we were talking bout people who can meet celebrities . well , is not like everyday we meet celebrities right , unless for the fact that you're one too . and i really envy them !! TT then was geo . after that was english . did our presentation . after that was BM , alex ho relieved . we did nothing =.=' and i finished up my theory :D then was maths . we did some work .


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

why ? ):

grrr ): im so stressing now lah . i've no idea why . there are so many different tings happening on me =.=' argh .

niway , had 3 period of KH . :D and i finish my woodwork . well , just that i haven paint it thats all :) oh yeah . and its gona be PINK , for sure . i already bought the spraypaint ;D . after that , was english . we had some pair up ting . which was kind of nice tho . then was geography , teacher talked to us bout KGT . then may yin came to my class , told claire and i bout people locking her out from the door . i was like " COME ! I HELP YOU BANG THE DOOR , IF THEY DONT OPEN , I'LL BASH THEM UP " i mean seriously right . how can they ever treat may yin like that . =.=' . if may yin was some new fella , i understand . but NOO . =.=' she has so many backup friends in BETA ;D then i helped her bang her class door , and en.ALIFF came out . scary .... then it was lunch . and may yin was like " fuck fuck , cibai , mother asshhole " and so on . my god she was so .. scarrrry TT i've never seen her like that . then we went to eat :) after that , me , claire , shaza , aliya and may yin went over to locker . my god , it feels so great after long time not hanging out 5 of us :D then aliya wanted ice cream . i actually wanna stayed with shaza & may , but they were busy reading . so i went with claire & liya :D . then we went back courtyard and saw 2 of them sitting on the floor =.=' HAHAHAH XD .

then was maths . god , started stressing man =.=' i cant really understand MATHS !! after that was sejarah . didnt pay attention tho =.=' then was COCO ;D . i really felt so happy hanging out with the boys :) they're so funny , especially CLARENCE . altho they insult me , but thats the fun of it right ? and we manage to take some videos :) coco was sure fun for me :D

niway , im done right now . not in a moooddd ... ):

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Get a calculator ready!

Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood
anyway - but your waiter may know!

It takes less than a minute. Work this out as you read.
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like
to go out to eat (more than once but less than 10).

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold).

3. Add 5.

4. Multiply it by 50.

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1758...
If you haven't, add 1757.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number.

The first digit of this was your original number. (i.e. How many times
you want to go out to the restaurants in a week.)

The next two numbers are: YOUR AGE! ------ (Oh YES, it is!)



that number ting really works okay :D but im still consider as 13 TT sobs :\ . niway , i cant stop sneezing . i tink someone's talking bad bout me / missing me right now . or shaza says : maybe some dust came across my nose . AHAHHA ;D i remembered she sneezed twice , then i was like ohh , shaza , someone talking bad bout you / missing you right now . she gave me the " okay , u're a freak " stare and said " OR OR MAYBE SOME DUST CAME BY MY NOSE " .. AHAHA ;D
today was fun :) had one period of BM . and it was boriingg ! then the 2nd period , went over to 4 gamma for meeting ;D then was break , we were early for break . YEAH MAN . and .. oh my , soya cincau is loooveeee ;) . after that was science . another boring lesson =.=' then was 2 periods of eng . got back my paper TT got 83 % :) im satisfy tho . and and ...

im glad you have your 20 coursework mark :)
and you got the HIGHEST , 96 %
loveee you :] .

Victoria TAN Yow Ann .
stay strong babe . use mine and katie's advice .
i hope it will lead you out :)
and if u dont really like it , talk to your mummmy :]
hehe . love you too ^^ .

i spent 1 period of eng to console them ;D and im glad they're happy again :) when im down , they were the ones who come to me .. including mei yin :] so i guess im going do my job as a goood friend and go be with them :] .

then was lunch . after that , was geo . en.fauzan didnt come . so pn.norlin relieved . :) i was bored okay =.=' and and I PRANKED SHEILA ! AHHAA , when i was tidying up my desk , she come and ask me " are you okay ah yoke shan " i was like ... okay do i look not okay ? == so i decided to prank her :D AHAHA . soorrry babe :) you know i still love you .

then pn.zuhrah came late for moral , and while waiting , we played CATERPILLAR ;D it was frigging fun . ahhahah alot of laughters ;) then was computer . i kept on disturbing stanley cause i was bored . and jing her helped me with my computer TT omg , THANK YOU ;D but still sorry i got 9 only , cause i didnt save :\ ahhaha . then was chinese . boring man =.='
then i went home , and i got home , bath . slept and here i am right now :)

is not that i dont trust you . but sometimes if i tell you something , you'll sure tell people , thats why i dont like it . or maybe u're gona tell people it came from you , but it isnt , it was from me . and i hate it when you think you're everything and all that . the world doesnt revolves around you only okay =.=' it revolves around me and other human beings & living things / non-living things also okay =.=' isshhh . im not being mean but thats how i feel bout you . sorrry TT

Monday, August 4, 2008

geramnya ):

ah hey :D well , below this post , the " hacker "finally reveal her secret & identity . i was the first one to know , well duh ? i asked her to help me with my new layout .


beginning of last year :) 2oo7

26 july :D

when she left a post , i was much touched . as i always complained ( childish + alil jealousy ) , sheila , why u dont talk bout me in your blog ? AHAHH , but now she does it in MY BLOG :D . ahha thank uu , lovee you babe :)

and to shaza hazwani binti ahmad jefril , i where got tink that u're the hacker , eventho u are , i dont tink i wuld be angry at u cause i knew whose the hacker . HAHAHA ;D i still lovee you dey :)

ughh =.=' i cant go in ebuddy cause i dont know why . msn is so .. not responding to me TT eee , so so geram geram ): . nihoo , today was much a tiring day ): gym was fun tho . i and shaza became the " leader " AHHAHA ;D MRS.K dint come today . so this ms.yap relieved and guess what ? SHE LOOKS LIKE FREDA ... :O . no not joking . during k.h , i didnt bring my buku nota so i was stoning the free period . ): speaking of that , i've no idea where it is ! TT ahh die man .

im going to eat right now :) byeee ! btw , im so glad that im skipping the 2nd period of BM tmrw , cause leo meeeting . OMG OMG , FOR ONCE MAN , LEO MEETING ! AH CANT WAIT :)


hey ..

the hacker's BACK !

i bet you dont know who am i right? right? HAHAHAHAHA.

alright ! time to reveal who i am !

some of you might know already, haih. but nvm, im still gonna tell anyway HAHA :D










;D my name is sheila wtf

im the one who did this layout for yoke yoke shan ! ( credits abit laa :P )
im the one who did the lame post ==

so you all know now !

Sunday, August 3, 2008


well i just read brandon chew's blog . he tagged me . and i've done this survey before , im bored now so i'll just do it again ;D

1.The last person to tag you is?
brandon chew yun keong :)

2.What relationship of you with him/her?
best friends perhaps ?

3.Your 5 impression towards him/her
he's trustable , caring , happy go lucky guy :)

4.The most memorable thing that he/she has done to you
giving the most best advices to me when i was so dreadful over this guy :D

5.The most memorable words that he/she has say to you
erh , those advices he gave :]

6.If he/she becomes your lover, you will...
erh , we are just best friends ;D we wont become lovers

7.If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
i will kill him . HAHA kidding ><

8.If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..
nothing i guess ?

9.If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
he always sleeps in class and when i talk to him , he sleeps also =.='

10.The most desirable things to do for he/she is?
erh , hangout with him and ah piong :)

11.The overall impression to he/her is..
trustable :D

i'll do up to here only , cause the others i've done :D niway , those who want to do this tag , just do it :)


AH YES FINALLY I CAN FIX MY BLOG ;D and it looks kind of great to me :] . niway , TO WHO SAW THE POST BELOW THIS ENTRY ... MY BLOG HAS A HACKER ??? :O . SHITNESS WEIH , I HAVE NO FRIGGING IDEA WHO HACK MY BLOG TT hope he/she wont do aniting , gona change my pass ASAP .... ish man TT shitness weih .. thanks so much for crictizing me over JAYCHOU ? ): so what if he doesnt knw me ... :\ ...eee , is none of ur busines TT

ah , you you , hacker hacker , get off myyy blogg TT


too ... ASS ;D

i guess u're proud that im writing you lifeless shit in my blog . ;D please dont be so disturbing and lifeless , coming to my blog and leaving a tag , but writing ur name as " ASS " i feel sorry for your parents , giving u a nice name , but you dont wanna use it and let it be ASS ? dont you feel is abit childish not writing ur OWN name when your mummy & daddy gave you a nice one ? :] but thank god , im not as lifeless as you ;D and .. since u want me leave this dear PLANET EARTH desperately , dont worry , i'll leave this planet right after you :) so , this planet earth wouldnt have lifeless people like u anymore , and you wont have me in this world anymore ;D YAY ! isnt it a great plan ? :) and please dont be like some 4 year old kid , trying to cricticize me in MY BLOG ;D i guess you're just ridiculous to come and talk bad bout me in MY BLOG ?


hi ..

im not yokeshan ;)

can you tell who am i ?

i dont think so ! i hack into yokeshan acc you noe !


since, im inside lolicandie-love for a while, i want to tell you about lee yoke shan abit.

im running out of time, so im going to tell you one thing about her only.


sorry yokeshan, i cant keep this secret to myself.


she hor, VERY ..................... about someone lar.

she gila about that person la. i've advised her alot of times adi. not only me, my friends too.

yokeshan.. he's not sweet enough. VALENTINES DIN GIVE YOU FLOWERS ALSO.
yokeshan.. he doesn't even care abt you la. when you sad, who was the one asking you to stop crying !! me right !! not him !!!!


why ?

i also dont know.

he.. ran away from msia WTF

who am i talking about?












im going to tell you who i am later.
so come back later !
ok ys, give you back your blog ;P

btw i was joking yokeshan!

whats more important to me than you ? :)

ah , i can hardly blog , i dont know why :D . connections's just so slow like some turtle =.=' and i cant load my blog and i have a new layout :) but i cant view it TT ah , so ignore some corrections / mistakes i have . will fix it asap . thannnk you :)

well , didnt go ipoh yesterday . to ass : haha too bad i didnt go :D i know you felt sad right , that im still here :) and my aunty was such a scarycat ><> " YOU LIED TO ME , YOU SAID U WERE GONA SLEEP WITH ME " so i ignored her as i was so sleepy , then she come sleeping next to me bringing her pillow . AHAHHA XD . so funnnnyy :D .

mum and aunty went off around 6am . i woke up around 10.45 , went out to tapao mcD :D ate and watch tv . played piano , and bla bla bla :) around 6pm something , mum came home :) ate dinner and such .

and it was MTV ASIA AWARDS NIGHT :\ i dont subscribe MTV channel , so i cant watch it on tv either TT look how sad i am ? =.=' well , gratz nicholas teo for being the best singer in malaysia and beating dato' siti nurhaliza . stefanie sun for being best singer in singapore . show luo in taiwan :) linkin park for the whole asia :D . im so sad cause i cant watch jabawockeez & pussycat doollls perform TT and i heard pussycat dolls performed " when i grow up " .

today woke up around 11 . ate breakfast and bla bla . and now im so bored TT cause i've noone to talk to in msn ... i cant watch vid in youtube cause connection sucks TT ah !

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