Monday, August 4, 2008

geramnya ):

ah hey :D well , below this post , the " hacker "finally reveal her secret & identity . i was the first one to know , well duh ? i asked her to help me with my new layout .


beginning of last year :) 2oo7

26 july :D

when she left a post , i was much touched . as i always complained ( childish + alil jealousy ) , sheila , why u dont talk bout me in your blog ? AHAHH , but now she does it in MY BLOG :D . ahha thank uu , lovee you babe :)

and to shaza hazwani binti ahmad jefril , i where got tink that u're the hacker , eventho u are , i dont tink i wuld be angry at u cause i knew whose the hacker . HAHAHA ;D i still lovee you dey :)

ughh =.=' i cant go in ebuddy cause i dont know why . msn is so .. not responding to me TT eee , so so geram geram ): . nihoo , today was much a tiring day ): gym was fun tho . i and shaza became the " leader " AHHAHA ;D MRS.K dint come today . so this ms.yap relieved and guess what ? SHE LOOKS LIKE FREDA ... :O . no not joking . during k.h , i didnt bring my buku nota so i was stoning the free period . ): speaking of that , i've no idea where it is ! TT ahh die man .

im going to eat right now :) byeee ! btw , im so glad that im skipping the 2nd period of BM tmrw , cause leo meeeting . OMG OMG , FOR ONCE MAN , LEO MEETING ! AH CANT WAIT :)



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