Thursday, August 14, 2008

river flows in you :)

helo people ;D i know its been ages since i've last blog . you might think im not in this earth anymore , but i still AM :) ehhe . dont worry .. when im leaving , i will let you guys know . omigosh , im lame ;D .

i haven been blogging & going online this 3 days :D i bet mei ting misses me . :) right right right ? :] ahahah . and i've been real busy on this 3 days . peka to do , KGT . ah can die :] . guess what ? tomorrow is last day of school ! hell yeah man ;D .

we got back our position and percentage. i got 19 ): and 80 % gosh , so lowwww TT sad sad sad . and i've finished reading twilight from mon to wed . and now , i've my new moon !! ;D thanks to jasmine han for borrowing me this 2 books . ehehe love love you :] 2 of that books RAWCKS :)

well .. i've no idea what should i blog about ... i should just go off right now :)


ah back :) im just so bored until i've got to blog like some lifeless person =.=' oh .. did you know that im racing with claire for new moon ? :D sees who reads faster .. me or she . and the next morning we're going to check whose the winner :D if i am , then i dont have to pay her back rm1.50 . HEHEH ^^ btw , half of sriklians are all like .. in stephenie meyer's books . :) is like .. SRIKL'S TREND RIGHT NOW XD .

twilight :) new moon :D

eclipse . breaking dawn .

and and .. alot of people i know seem to be moving houses to a bigger house ): not many , but 2 lah . shaza and jing her ): OMG OMG TT so good lah dey ! eh eh , you 2 better invite me for ur open house party or something ;P

running off to new moon :)


kay . the third time im reblogging -.-' yeala . i've no mood for new moon right now TT

after reading claire's blog , i damn emo now ): yalar , elmo elmo TT gosh . i've noone to talk to at this second right now . and i've noone to talk to bout how im feeling right now . yalar , thats why i dont like going online . i dont have anyone to talk to . == for sure one . either i talk to jing her or shaza . but both of them offline TT . damn sad weih ): . what to do , yoke shan =.=' and .. i want to ask people whether i can borrow their eclips , mana tau they're not online . so i guess i've to sms TT oh dear man . IIMM FEELING SO DOWN TT . maybe cause of the song im listening to . damn sad lah okay ): " river flows in you - yiruma " DAMN NICE DAMN NICE . twilight fans , must listen ! :D i've set it on my playlist , so it'll be repeating until forever TT until im bored of that song . ah TT


I GOT AN ECLIPSE BOOK FROM TIFFANY LEE ! :) thanks babe . love you ;D and and , i found river flows in you piano score . oh my . HEHEHE XD

running to my bed :)

tuning in : river flows in you - yiruma ( bella's lullabye )
p.s:// theory exam's in 4 days ! & anyone can borrow me eclipse if you dont mind ?



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