Friday, August 1, 2008

Going back to the past :)

its FRIDAY ;D oh yeah sexay mama :] i just love friday :) nihoo , today was FUN :D .

had 2 periods of science today . had practical . :) time just paasssed so fast . then was break . had biscuits on my hair , and the guys said i look like a wolf 8D . then was art . we had to draw 2 logo , and i was soo tired that time TT then was chinese . teacher was telling us " red cliff " story again . oh my . then was maths , did some work :) then wwent out to burger king with claire , may yin and aliya :D we ate rm52 TT and .. there was this guy who called aliya ..

guy : hello , you indian kah ?
aliya : hah ? im not indian * drops the phone *

omg it was so funny , its a you-got-to-be-there thing :) then may yin went with her friends to take geo pictures . so we 3 went back to school . went to porch and sit down . i scared aliya , cause she was throwing fries at afiq , i was like , EH DONT THROW FOOD . she was like OH YA ! then i was like " LATER THE GHOST GO AND EAT ... " then aliya shouted " SHUT UP LAH " AHHAH it was so funny . again you got to be there thing :D omg , i just miss the times talking to aliya . and going out 4 of us was so fun :D

and ian was KO-ing :) then round 2 something claire went home . and ian went home , so we went to watch futsal . then 3.15 , i sms my sis and she say its coming , so i go take my bag and waited at the porch with charl yee , for 40 mins she still haven come so i go play with may yin :D we were like some crazy woman . you woman , i love you lah TT being with you make me laugh like shit ;P then 3.55 , i went home :) .

might be going ipoh tmrw :D toodles ~ :)



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