Saturday, August 23, 2008

helo :)

hello :D good evening people ;)

woke up at 2 pm today . i knw late . ==' niway , watched some tv and ate brunch . was suppose to go to the TTDI Library with my dear may yin :) but too bad , we decided next week . i dont know why im in a study mood these days TT i wanted to put in some songs to the ipod , but guess what , IT HANGED == i tink the ipod hates me ); whenever i use it , it will be hang like shit , but my brother can fix it !! :\ ergh TT

TOMORROW IS BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008 LAST DAY . CLOSING CEREMONY AT 8PM . so fast right , i know ): 16 days only . it starts when school holiday begins , and it ends when school holiday is ending . ahha i hope jay chou is going to sing TT ah . i know that RAIN is going to lah :) and next four years is gona be AT LONDON :D i think .....

im going off right now :)
tuning in : tian tian ye ye-FIR



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