Sunday, August 3, 2008


AH YES FINALLY I CAN FIX MY BLOG ;D and it looks kind of great to me :] . niway , TO WHO SAW THE POST BELOW THIS ENTRY ... MY BLOG HAS A HACKER ??? :O . SHITNESS WEIH , I HAVE NO FRIGGING IDEA WHO HACK MY BLOG TT hope he/she wont do aniting , gona change my pass ASAP .... ish man TT shitness weih .. thanks so much for crictizing me over JAYCHOU ? ): so what if he doesnt knw me ... :\ ...eee , is none of ur busines TT

ah , you you , hacker hacker , get off myyy blogg TT


too ... ASS ;D

i guess u're proud that im writing you lifeless shit in my blog . ;D please dont be so disturbing and lifeless , coming to my blog and leaving a tag , but writing ur name as " ASS " i feel sorry for your parents , giving u a nice name , but you dont wanna use it and let it be ASS ? dont you feel is abit childish not writing ur OWN name when your mummy & daddy gave you a nice one ? :] but thank god , im not as lifeless as you ;D and .. since u want me leave this dear PLANET EARTH desperately , dont worry , i'll leave this planet right after you :) so , this planet earth wouldnt have lifeless people like u anymore , and you wont have me in this world anymore ;D YAY ! isnt it a great plan ? :) and please dont be like some 4 year old kid , trying to cricticize me in MY BLOG ;D i guess you're just ridiculous to come and talk bad bout me in MY BLOG ?



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