Thursday, August 21, 2008


mummy left to ipoh 2 hours ago ;) and i didnt get to wish her goodbye ): cause i was bathing . oh dear . ;\ . but thank god , she's coming baack tmrw ! bro just went to OU . sister with her boyfriend , and im all alone . ==' gosh :\ .

AND AND LEE CHONG WEI IS A DATO RIGHT NOW ;D he got a datoship , and he was plain surprised cause he thought only gold medal , then he will become a DATO :D but nooo ! actually silver also can ! OMG OMG , SO COOL :) he's DATO LEE :D he got rm300,000 and will be getting rm3,000 everymonth , even not doing aniting . syoknya ;P click for his blog :D . Dato'LeeChongWei im so proud of him !



im still bored ;) tmrw is FRIDAY , and 2 more days then it'll be school reopens TT ah , i dont want holidays to so fast end ): somehow i just dont like school , and we got a new timetable which can suck cock man TT FRIDAY , is no more that nice . and monday got science and geography TT i dont like having science and geo on monday ): and first lesson on mon , is gona be maths , not civik , so no more free period . omg see how that suck go ? and en.aliff is teaching alpha , not beta TT see , beta doesnt get any privellege . ppfftt .

oooh i cant wait for mooncake festival seriously ! :) its gonna be in september . september gona be a busy week for me i guess . mooncake festival and several wedding dinner to attend :D going back to ipoh a few times i guess . i feel like eating mooncake & playing lanterns now ! :P .

tomorrow is gona be the last day im going out , i swear . :\ i hope ...



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