Monday, August 18, 2008

exam :)

heyy :D i just came back from BU3 school . :D for my theory exam :) hm . i hope i can get distinction or even merit also good enough TT just not fail ! :\ .

niway , yesterday was MEN SINGLES FINAL . LEE CHOONG WEI from MALAYSIA vs LIN DAN from CHINA :) obviously LINDAN won . CW LEE was kind of not concentrating during the match . and LIN DAN was DAMN CHUN !! best badminton player vs the 2nd top badminton player , obviously the 1st win right ? :) lin dan got gold , CW LEE got SILVER :D he broke malaysia's record . MALAYSIA for BADMINTON , only got BRONZE , but now he got SILVER :D woooot ~ :) but i was quite dissapointed in CW LEE . newspaper says he's having lotsa of stress cause the whole malaysia is counting on him , but nothing big , nothing big , silver is very good already :D . both of them are kind of cute tho ;P


just came back from guitar class at ou :) i dont know what to do now =.=' HOLIDAYS ARE BORING LAH :\ i finished new moon dii :D now im in eclipse :] . i cant wait to go out lah . :) and till holidays over , then we're going to have SCHOOL :) altho i kind of dislike school , but still yeah , i wont rot at home ! and some people promised me to go out with me when they're back from hols , BETTER DONT BREAK UR PROMISE TT .

during guitar class .
* played finish bad day - danielpowter*
teacher : OKAY , NOW JAY CHOU.
teacher : actually , why do u like him so much ah ?
me : cause he's talented :D
teacher : where got . =.=' if he talented , i talented also lah .
me : * ahem ahem * oh yeah sure . AHAHAH .

AHAHAH :D teacher still taught me jay chou song , he taught me 2 songs today . 1st was ting mama de hua , 2nd was stop & stare :P . i just love my teacher . he's damn cute , funny and nice TT .

p.s : sheila lee , good luck for ur practical exam tmrw :) hope you get distinction :P
tuning in : stop & stare - one republic



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