Saturday, August 16, 2008

i wanna be with you :)

helo peeps :D new moon is currently okay for me . well it kind of sucks , but .. stephenie meyer is soo good at keeping us excited and curious for whats gona happen next :) im slow for new moon now TT but i cant wait for eclipse ;D

friday .. 15 - 08 - 08 :)

had two period of science . and we watched 2 movies . an inconvenient truth & artic tale . i wanted to sleep lah . i was damn damn sleepy TT not to say the movie is boring , it isnt . just that i was too tired :) then the nukata students from japan had finally arrived :D too bad we cant watch ): then was break . it was really quiet , cause there wasnt any prefects / form 3 i tink . AHAHA :D after that was .. 2 periods of art .

pros :
i) we can ask her bout her new born baby ><
cons :
i) art cant really be free period anymore TT
ii ) wont get 20 for coursework mark . iii) we'll miss en.aliff " coolness "

we played caterpillar . and claire won for her group . then sheila won for mine :) so we had 1-1 :D then we played " ha - meh - wah " , it wasnt really fun . then we played " chinese whisper " was really stupid & hilarious :D just love all of them lah ;) after that was chinese . i had this talk with sheila :) then we went out of class to watch " lion dance performance " but we cant watch it

after that we went 2 delta to wait for yen cause she's suppose pass ' new moon ' to sheila . so we waited . then we asked qpenn , if yenlin's inside the class . but she said , yenlin switched to gamma =.=' so we were like ... SERIOUS AH ? SHIT . then we went to 2 gamma , and looked for yenlin's bag . and we did see her bag , and opened it to see if she got bring . mana tau , the guys in our class claimed " we tao ye ( we stealing things in cantonese ) " and they took out their phones to take pictures & videos you know !! x_X so we quickly run and covered our face . went back the class :D and afiq spilled sheila's bottle so my place was wet . then we talked and laughed , bell rang .

then went AC for lunch with my usual lunch buddies :) then we went over to SS15/4D to take pics with the signboard . around 2 claire had to go so , chew , ian , chien wee and i walked her back to school . then ian and chien wee went back out . and chew and i go talk to calista :) then zw teman-ed me to porch and i took my book and went back to canteen . then yenlin , calista and i sang chinese songs . omiggosh , it was so fun >< " future singers eh ? :D " then sheila joined us :D around 3 something , i went home :P

saturday : : : 16 - 08-08 .

woke up at 7 for some reasons . then claire called me , and i culdnt sleep anymore . get out of bed , at 9am . then bath . and get everything ready . left house around 9.30 . then went to pick claire up from her house . and headed to school . we were waiting for ian to pick us up to AC as we were so lazy to wait . mana tau he was so late . then he reached skul and we wanted to walk there . then brandon chew came and fetched us there :) we had breakfast . we gossiped , ate and laughed :D around 11 something , we went to interview 3 shops . we culdnt take any pictures cause zhou wei is holding chew's camera TT urgh ): around like 12 something we were done , then went to FTZ . online and such . around 2 , claire had to go home . brandon chew and i pranked mei ting ! :) HAHAH , babe , sorry ah , everyting i told u was fake , but .. bout i was beside brandon chew at FTZ was correct :D sorry dear !

HEART OF GREED TODAY LAST 2 EPISODE ALREADY :) im sad that its over !! but .. im damn dissapointed about the ending . is damn normal sial . =.='' i rate it 8/10 overall :D im glad sheung joy sam together with tak tak dei :) and .. the wong sau kam is finally good ! fun chai and angel :D Gil gil , is also good person HAHAHA . those who watch , will understand lah :P and and some of the cast will be coming over to summit / sungei wey and one more place . I WANT TO GO :D but i cant ): . i wonder if bosco wong got go :D ahh * drools *


back :)

my boyfriend for the day :) i was suppose to hug it tighter , but im holding my purse .

the ones who understands me the most & my group member for KGT :D

p.s :people , please do visit . that blog is not dead , f.y.i :D



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