Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nina's birthday ; Leo installation

helo :) im sorry i didnt blog on fri and sat . it was both busy days and when i reached home , i straight away slept . so sorrryyy !

o8o8o8 - Nina's 14th Birthday ;D .
reached school
. and , may yin and i went down to look for nina , but she wasnt there yet ): so yeah . then i went to 2 Omega to ask jas for the book , but she didnt bring TT so yeah , went back up . first two periods was science , and we watched " an inconvenient truth " bout global warming . then " arctic tales " someting like that , bout the arctic is melting and polar bears can hardly find a place to land , and slowly they die TT it was sad okaayy :\ then was break . we thought that nina will be in canteen , mana tau she was still upstairs . so shaza , me , sheila and claire wanted to go up to look for her , and we saw her when they were coming down . so we wished nina happy birthday :) then we spent some time at the canteen . then was art .. zhou wei , stanley , ian , jing her was doing the video for nina ;D so .. some of us talked ; camwhored :) 2 periods of art just went like this . after that was chinese . boring man . teacher talked bout olympic =.='' and then was maths . we cleaned up the class . sheila and i borrowed natalie's laptop to check her video :)

then , bell rang . quickly go change . then claire's mum fetched sheila and i and claire to parade . SORRY NINA , WE WERENT THERE TO CELEBRATE YOUR " FAKE PARTY " ): when we reached , teman-ed sheila to buy her heels from voir . then we went to memory lane to look for nina's bday present . and we met may yin , liya , prasad and sean
:) hehe . fated . then later we went to T.G.I.F and helped out abit . around 2 something , the birthday girl finally arrived . and she was plain surprised and shocked , and of cause she cried . hehehe . we sang her a birthday song . then .. showed her 2 videos . then we proceed to our meals ;P and we camwhored with everyone . ahha . it was fun weih :) then , claire , sheila and i had to go . and we were kind of high . after that , went to claire's house and we gossiped / talked :D with cindy also . around 5 something , went home :P .

o9o8o8 - Leo's Installation .
woke up at 8 . had daddy fetched me to school , and eugene fetched me and sheila to sedaya . well we were early . very . then more people came . and i helped
with arranging the chairs when eugene and sheila were discussing bout their MC's Speech . mostly of the time there i was bored lah kay == ' practically i went there so early for fun ;P around 12 , eugene's parents came and picked me , sheila , eugene , diyana , yvonne and amelia to their house . and .. i was sitting on " my president's lap " ( diyana :P ) AHHAAH XD and yvonne kept complaining that she cant stand there cause it was so hot .

yvonne mum : since u cant stand there , why you have to go back there so fast ?
yvonne's dad : why you have to stand , you cant sit mer ?

AHHAHAHAH SO FUNNY WEIH . all of us were like laughing like shit XD . we reached , and we went to yvonne's room . yvonne was bathing , sheila and i changed . and bla bla , we got ready and such . then we went to eat lunch . chicken rice ^^ . then we hurried to go back to sedaya . and , then brenda , sam koay and i went to sell tickets :) brandon chew made a last minute decision to go :D around 1.45 , we went into the hall . then bla bla , we got installed and such :] . around 4 , chew and i went with the form3's to A&W .. for lunch . we had to walked there , and it was TIRING and we were SWEATING TT . we ate and bla bla . then around 5 something , stephanie fetched me to school and mum picked me up :)

overall , nina's surprise party was fun :) and i bet she was really really happy & surprised ;P hope you love the gift we gave you :D and the 2 videos , all of us spend our heart for you :] and leo's installation was a great experience to gain . and it was really fun hanging out with the leo's :D

the 6 of us . love you guys :)

sheila ; claire ; shan :D

JASMINE HAN KIT YING ! jngn lah emo so much kay ? :) remember think of yoke shan , enough di . and dont need to tink of that guy anymore ? :D ehhe . love you ;]

more pictures will be coming up after i get it from my babes :)
p.s // picture credits on o8o8o8 : Sheila



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