Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Claire's House :)

helo :D just got back from claire's hse like 20 minutes ago ?

well , today was suppose to have gym , but it was cancelled TT . i know , damn sad right ? ): so sheila and i decided to go claire's house instead to finish up our KH woodwork . i reached her house around 3.45 . AND AND SHEILA & CLAIRE PRANKED ME TT sheila told me that claire went to church with her church friends , and just got home .. and bla bla -.-' it was so stupid lah . i believed cause i wasnt in a mood to think that time , i had a fight with my sister , so yeah . then , we stoned ... and think what to do . we made quite alot of videos . EHHEHE :D then , around 6 , her mum said go parade for dinner :) ate at sushi king . then we walked around .

we were talking bout this someone , lets name him X .
and we were talking talking bout him ,
suddenly ....
we were like " OMG , LONG LIFE LONG LIFE SIAL "
i was like wtf wtf , TT
and , we passed by this watch shop ;D
and saw jay chou's poster for the brand " ellese " something like that ;D

around 8 something , we got back her house and persuade cindy to play tattoo on the guitar . then sheila left around 8.45 , i played 2 of my songs which i composed to cindy and claire ;D and they said i should play that for talentine . and they helped me with the chords and more ! hehe , love you guys , and thanks for supporting lah TT :) then around 9.05 , went home .

im in the mood for OLYMPIC :D seriously . AHAHAH , so interesting !
tuning in : beijing huan ying ni - various artists :)
running off : ECLIPSE ! ;0
P.S : TODAY'S 20 08 / 2008 ;D COOL NIA COOL NIA ;P



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