Wednesday, August 6, 2008

why ? ):

grrr ): im so stressing now lah . i've no idea why . there are so many different tings happening on me =.=' argh .

niway , had 3 period of KH . :D and i finish my woodwork . well , just that i haven paint it thats all :) oh yeah . and its gona be PINK , for sure . i already bought the spraypaint ;D . after that , was english . we had some pair up ting . which was kind of nice tho . then was geography , teacher talked to us bout KGT . then may yin came to my class , told claire and i bout people locking her out from the door . i was like " COME ! I HELP YOU BANG THE DOOR , IF THEY DONT OPEN , I'LL BASH THEM UP " i mean seriously right . how can they ever treat may yin like that . =.=' . if may yin was some new fella , i understand . but NOO . =.=' she has so many backup friends in BETA ;D then i helped her bang her class door , and en.ALIFF came out . scary .... then it was lunch . and may yin was like " fuck fuck , cibai , mother asshhole " and so on . my god she was so .. scarrrry TT i've never seen her like that . then we went to eat :) after that , me , claire , shaza , aliya and may yin went over to locker . my god , it feels so great after long time not hanging out 5 of us :D then aliya wanted ice cream . i actually wanna stayed with shaza & may , but they were busy reading . so i went with claire & liya :D . then we went back courtyard and saw 2 of them sitting on the floor =.=' HAHAHAH XD .

then was maths . god , started stressing man =.=' i cant really understand MATHS !! after that was sejarah . didnt pay attention tho =.=' then was COCO ;D . i really felt so happy hanging out with the boys :) they're so funny , especially CLARENCE . altho they insult me , but thats the fun of it right ? and we manage to take some videos :) coco was sure fun for me :D

niway , im done right now . not in a moooddd ... ):



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