Saturday, August 30, 2008

OU outing :)

hello people :D just came back from OU . (;

well , reached OU around 1.45 , met up with sheila & claire . then went over to watsons as claire wanted to buy her lip mosturizer . then went over to eat at sushi groove . again , yes i know . AHAHA :D . we got another rm10.00 voucher , valid date = 31 oct . if every time we eat at sushi groove like this ah , every month we have to eat once weih ==' HAHAH . after that went to MPH , looked around . then went to buy popcorn and drinks . went into the cinema around 3.30 . watched WALL-E . at first when the lights went off , there was this presto and bunny show ==' 3 of us thought we went into the wrong theatre . then after 15 mins , only show WALL-E . damn swt man ==' AHHA , it was damn touching and sweet lah the show . the first 15 mins of the show i cry adi ==' yes lah i damn emotional . oh and , our seats were at the left side , 2 , 3 , 4 , claire is suppose to sit on the left of me , i in the middle , sheila on the right . then claire saw that noone is going to be beside her , she freaked out . sheila and i laughed like mad . XD . is a you-got-to-be-there-thing . then i switched with her . i was scared also lah ==' then claire sat next to the wall , and sheila moved one seat to the left :) the movie ended around like 5.30 . then went to the music shop at the bridge there . outside CHARMS . saw star , star concert DVD by aska yang and the beijing album 2008 . wanted claire to buy for me , but she didnt have enough money ): hmm . damn cheap only man ! but there is always next time . :] then went to dreamworld . we tried this machine which we haven took before :) the price increased alredi ==' . now 13 tokens TT then went over to yipee cup . ordered drink and played cho tai ti . claire always win and she always get DIAMOND 3 . the last round , I WON :D around 7.15 , i left OU .

and now i am here ! :)
running off .
tuning in : zhen ming tian zhi - luo zhi xiang & jolin tsai


tomorrow's 51th MERDEKA DAY :D the day which Malaysia got its independence . WOOT :D not counting down tho . niway , AVRIL LAVIGNE's CONCERT WAS YESTERDAY :) im sure its great . well it looks like , there are some videos of her in the concert yesterday . CAN SOME OF YOU TELL ME HOW IT WAS ? :] I want to know ! ! next week is gona be FIR concert man . i want to go lah but jie's not gona bring me ): SIGH TT . although im not a really big fan of theirs but still their song are kind of good :D . and i remember loving them when they first had their album 2004 if i m not mistaken . is anyone going for FIR CONCERT ? if yes , please tell me ! I WOULD LIKE TO GO WITH YOU :D .

tuning in : zhou huo ru mo - ah xin & ding dang .
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