Sunday, August 3, 2008

whats more important to me than you ? :)

ah , i can hardly blog , i dont know why :D . connections's just so slow like some turtle =.=' and i cant load my blog and i have a new layout :) but i cant view it TT ah , so ignore some corrections / mistakes i have . will fix it asap . thannnk you :)

well , didnt go ipoh yesterday . to ass : haha too bad i didnt go :D i know you felt sad right , that im still here :) and my aunty was such a scarycat ><> " YOU LIED TO ME , YOU SAID U WERE GONA SLEEP WITH ME " so i ignored her as i was so sleepy , then she come sleeping next to me bringing her pillow . AHAHHA XD . so funnnnyy :D .

mum and aunty went off around 6am . i woke up around 10.45 , went out to tapao mcD :D ate and watch tv . played piano , and bla bla bla :) around 6pm something , mum came home :) ate dinner and such .

and it was MTV ASIA AWARDS NIGHT :\ i dont subscribe MTV channel , so i cant watch it on tv either TT look how sad i am ? =.=' well , gratz nicholas teo for being the best singer in malaysia and beating dato' siti nurhaliza . stefanie sun for being best singer in singapore . show luo in taiwan :) linkin park for the whole asia :D . im so sad cause i cant watch jabawockeez & pussycat doollls perform TT and i heard pussycat dolls performed " when i grow up " .

today woke up around 11 . ate breakfast and bla bla . and now im so bored TT cause i've noone to talk to in msn ... i cant watch vid in youtube cause connection sucks TT ah !



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