Friday, August 29, 2008

then i kiss you lightly on the chin :D

oww . i just bang my hand on the sharp edge on the table ); ahh . the laptop is currently cacted == if only i had my headset here TT sigh nvm i'll just live with it :\ damn annoying .

today , started of with KH . i forgotten that we have KH == and when the bell rang , i looked at the sewing room clock , it was 8.30 , then i ask shaza , its only 8.30 why so fast . she was like .. " the clock is spoilt " i was like , OMG YEAH .! AHHA . then was ENG , mrs.k didnt come . so it was my ELMO time ): then may yin came and gave me a hug TT it made me cry TT may yin's hug make me cries TT after that was sejarah , BORING . ==' then was CHINESE , watched some movie . hmm . in the lab was talking to eugene and jamie . then was BM , ms.kova came and relieved . we did our own stuffs :) CV too , some random teacher came in , well she is nice tho :D then when about school end , ABIGAIL'S BAG GONE MISSING ==' we arent allow to leave the class unless she finds it back . then we helped out to look around the class , but didnt have , so shaza went to DELTA and chck , apparently got . those ppl who put her bag there , damn LIFELESS SIAL X_X .

school ended , then went to the canteen and eat lunch :D around 1.10 , went out to starbucks . the 5 of us were together again ! missing sheila , AGAIN ); hmm . and i was walkin with may yin , SUDDENLY SOME FUCKING DONT KNW WHICH COLLEGE GUY GO SHOOT SOMETHING AT MY ELBOW TT SHIT THEM WEIH . FUCK THEM , I CURSE THEM MAN , IT WAS DAMN FUCKING PAIN ALRIGHT == . hmm . it was kind of fun at starbucks , been years since we last drank starbucks . around 2 , went back to school , and sat at the porch , chatted and listened to songs . 2.45 , i left , fetching may yin back to her house :)

IM BORED RIGHT NOW :D i want to watch show , in lappie , but the speaker not working . omg man , what else can get worse ): i finished eclipse , now i need BREAKING DAWN :D hmm :) shaza dearest , is going johor tonight ! hope she misses me cause i'll miss her . aite , im done :D .

stoner me :D laughing claire :)

p.s : // SHAZA , MISS ME TAU , HAVE FUN YEAH :D . : // my english suck . overdose , i says overload . cloud 9 i says cold 9 .



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