Sunday, August 17, 2008


hello :) i have a new skin ! its simple and neat ;) and i adore the neatness ;P i just woke up an hour ago :X im so tired but cant sleep anymore .

i had this dream that my daddy was going to buy me a new phone cause i had 100 for music . [ when i was young , and if i get 100 , my dad will buy me stuffs ] so yeah . then when i woke up , it was a dream =.='' then .. i saw the newspaper , MY DREAM PHONE W760I , IS FINALLY OUT TT . after how long ): but i dont tink i can buy lah :\ . AH , SO SAD RIGHT :\ .

then then . F.I.R will be having concert in Stadium Putra , Bukit Jalil on 6 Sept ): i want to go lah . but dont know my sis wants to go anot . if she going , then i go :D but or else ... i cant go TT . ahh :) FAHRENHEIT will be coming over to malaysia for their concert also on OCTOBER . FAHRENHEIT fans , better grab ur tickets :P and be EARLYBIRDS !

oh oh , i just remembered something stupid yesterday . when we were out at SS15 , there was this social worker came to us and ask us to donate u knw . then he talked and talked and asked whether would we like to donate anot ...

me : BRANDON =.=''
social worker : yeah but bla bla bla ....
* so we shared money and donate rm10 :P *
worker : is this your girlfriend ? ( talking to chew , pointing at me )
chew : oh yeah yeah ...
me : o.O !!!!!
worker : nah , u can give this necklace to your girlfriend :D
chew : oh okay .

SWTNESS MAN =.='' but it was damn funny . XD . its a you-got-to-be-there-thing :) and the neklace i didnt take it , gave to ian instead :) AH , IM HUNGRY ! FOOD FOOD , WHERE ARE YOU TT .

i wanna be with you ,
ai ni hao xing fu <3.
this song really suits my situation now :P


im back :) i tink im going to have my breakfast around 12 something . grr ..

im always thinking , why is there such word as " hate " ? is not easy to hate someone you know . hating is really suffering . i just read someone's blog . and .... he was bitching bout someone i really really love . but i wont hate that someone because he's really my good friend too . i felt really hurt , looking at 2 of the people whom i really feel good with , fighting . i felt like as tho i cant do anything :\ . and .. maybe is one of you guys fault , or maybe is both of ur fault . but i dont know . sigh TT i just wish .. there wont be any hatred in this world :) and everyone will be peaceful :D



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