Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks to You, Lord.

Thanks to You, Lord.
Thanks to You, Lord.
We're touched by You.

When we fall,
we all close our eyes,
and we'll pray,
to our almighty God.
And we'll know,
when it's all our time,
just cause God's here,
in our very own hearts and souls.

With God,
everything is possible,
With God,
we're all touched by Him.

thanks to You, Lord,
thanks to You,Lord,
we're all touched by Your bare hands.
Thanks to You, Lord,
You are good, Lord,
we all worship You for who You are.

Well, just a song I wrote, and I'm posting this, just incase I forget :)
Thank You, Lord.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry x'mas! :)

Hello everyone, regardless of whoever you are who's reading this right now. Just wanna give a big shoutout to everybody, wish you guys a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Dear Santa,

I don't really know if i've been good this year, but I'm pretty sure I can't be any worse right? So I hope you'll grant me a few wishes on my christmas list :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

If i die young,

bury me in satin.
Okay, so, It's Time Youth Camp 2010 and SriKL Prom Night, have ended. What now? My boy has flew to U.S.A, spending his x'mas there. And I've nothing planned. Well, though I've alot of events to go to, but, same old problem. Transport. Sigh. That's why I wish that I can drive now.

But oh well. Youth camp and Prom has been really really really good! Awesome actually :) I'm really really glad that I got to spend time with the boyfriend for like 6 days, :') It's just so nice to have him around me all the time, and getting to spend some solitary moments with him before he leaves for U.S and college. Thank God for that!
So, I'm going to blog about the Camp and Prom some other time AHAHAH, wait till I have pictures, or what not.. Um, I'm pretty sure I won't be blogging :p too lazy actually, but we shall see no?

Thanks for being so understanding,
and tolerating me for everything I've done wrong.
sorry that i've done alot of stuffs which may have upset you,
or even close to breaking your heart and hurting you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I may not be the most perfect girl in this world,
but thank you for loving me for who I am.
Thanks for treating me like a princess and pampering me.
Thanks for being there for me, and with me,
whenever I need a shoulder to cry on.
Eventhough we've only met for 5 months,
and being together for only a month and half,
but it feels like I've known you for life.
During this past 6 days have been the best time,
cause I have you around with me.
I'm sorry that sometimes I sulk over things which may not be true,
and throwing my temper at you.
Only you can stand me and tolerate with all my childish attitudes.
Only you can make me smile and laugh again whenever I'm down.
I don't mind whenever you hurt me, or upset me,
cause I believe that things will work out eventually,
and I will do anything for you baby. I will.
I love you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boys Like Girls

Hey Martin :) That was a really sweet post. And, i'm glad and proud enough to say, that i'm a fan of BLG. Probably you'll think that girls are into all four of you, just because you guys are hot/cute or whatsoever. But, no, that's not it. Not for me. I honestly, think that you guys are, one of the best band ever. Once again, not cause of your looks, but, its how you guys make music. And i totally admire that. It's really hard to find bands/singers like you guys, ya know? I've been listening to LOVEDRUNK album for a thousand times since i've got my hands on it.The first time i hear those songs, i've sensed something. But, i couldnt figure it out. As, i put it on repeat, that's when it hit me. I took the lyrics booklet, and started to sing along as i couldn't resist. As i sang along, i understand your story then. Those eleven songs, which you've written/co-written, totally,made me understand your story and life better. The feelings and words you're trying to let the world to know, we get it. And, it just turned into an inspiration for me. You're amazing, seriously. I'm still wondering, how can someone like you(one of your songs name,heh), can ever, write such good songs. I can't find anything, bad about those eleven songs. Maybe it's cause you've written from your heart, and recorded it from your heart. That's what true songwriters are, right?

Well, I've been hoping to meet you guys, like desperately. You guys are coming down to Malaysia right, but, sadly, it has an age limit, so therefore, i guess i won't be able to enter and meet you guys. When i found out about that, i cried. I was so upset about it, but there was nothing i can do. But after reading your post, thats when i got it. It's not about getting to meet you guys actually. All that matters, is being able to hear you guys, making music. I don't mind, if i won't be able to meet you guys, but, please, please, i beg you, don't ever stop making music, alright? :) You can never meet all your fans out there, one by one, but there's a way that you can meet them is by writing songs and meeting their heart instead.I don't know bout others, but it definitely, met my heart. By the way, thanks for writing those songs which have inspired me alot. Like, OnTopOfTheWorld. I know that you've written it for your mum as she's no longer here anymore.I'm sorry to hear bout that. It's a really good song. I lost my grandpa 2 years ago, and, whenever i start thinking about him, that's when i'll listen to OnTopOfTheWorld. It's because, i feel the same too, and that's the only song, which.. understands how i feel, honestly. Next is, Go. Lately, i've been having troubles with everything. Nothing ever seems right. But, when i listen to GO, i'll feel better eventually. And, it just makes me a better person, and in someway, that song motivated me. " Get up and go, take a chance and be strong" You got that right, Martin. After listening to it, i'll tell myself, " Yes, get up and go, take a chance and be strong. I can do it right?". Furthermore, that's what you're trying to tell me right? Heh. So, i will also tell myself, " for Martin, i will do it." You're quite an inspiration to me, no doubt :) Wow, i've written this long.. Hm, i'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but.. lets hope you are reading. But even if you're not, it's the thoughts which count right?

Hm, i guess this is long enough. Haha. Though there's so much more to tell you, but i guess i'll write it out, all in my blog :) So yeah, thanks alot MartinJohnson; PaulDigiovanni;BryanDonahue;& JohnKeefe. You guys, are the best, and i mean it. Oh, i still hope that i'll get to meet you guys someday :D

Make a promise. To Me, and all every other fans,
even if you want to, give us a good reason,
or else, we as your NO#1 fans, won't allow you guys to :)

Heh, have fun touring you guys! I know you guys are hitting Asia soon, like few days more? So, enjoy ASIA! You'll love it! Oh, enjoy Malaysia too :D Please do come back to Malaysia, next year okay? You have lotsa lotsa fans(mostly all teenagers) down here!So, please do not.. have an age limit concert -.- And, of course, me, who've never met you guys before, but still dying to, would love to see you guys, and watch you guys perform( though i was at MTV WORLSTAGE Malaysia, but that wasn't enough). Of course not! :D So, probably, come back, and have your own LOVEDRUNK/BoysLikeGirls concert! A concert, where, us, your fans, get to hear all your songs, live :)

Take care, Martin! And send my regards to Paul;Bryan; John. As long, as all four of you are happy, i'll be happy too!

i love all four of you! BoysLikeGirls, rock :D :D
f.y.i; I'm happy to join your family :)

Wow, that was what I wrote for BLG last yr, left a comment @, and I just thought of checking it out and trying to read what I wrote HAHAHA. interesting piece of mine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Broken heart.

What exactly is a broken heart? A broken heart is
forcing yourself to hang up the phone after you
have dialed the first three digits to his phone
number. A broken heart is the cold, chattering
feeling you receive when you hear his name. A
broken heart is when you're crying yourself to
sleep every night and yet crying more and more
each morning. A broken heart is glancing at the
pictures of the two of you, and then quickly
turning your attention to something else to avoid
your tears. A broken heart is screaming and
begging for a second chance inside, but not being
able to say it out loud. A broken heart is the
emptiness and heart wrenching feeling you
encounter when you see him with other girls.
A broken heart is knowing that no matter what you
do or say to yourself, you cant fool your heart
into believing that you will in fact be "okay." A
broken heart is listening to that one song that
makes you break down, on repeat. A broken heart
is when you go from smiling uncontrollably every
time you saw him to quiet tears every time
someone mentions his name. A broken heart is when
you try to avoid him but end up going out of your
way just to get a glimpse of him. A broken heart
is when you know you've been hurt, but have no
idea how to fix it. A broken heart is when you
finally realize that he's everything you need...
and at the same time realize he's the one thing
you can never have.

credit: @teensinlove (twitter)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know, the world doesn't revolve around you, truthfully. And soon, you'll find out that the real world is cruel. But no worries for you, cause by being what you're good at, you won't even have any slight trouble.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You're only going to,

Break my heart.

You know, I'm kinda really tired trying to keep up with you. The truth is I can't anymore. I've been feeling down for almost a week, and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with you, but I'm not sure what's that. Whatever it is, it sure is bringing me down. You know I really really like you boy. But I'm just missing those happier times before, when nothing happened you know? You're great and all, but maybe it's me. I think it's me. Now that I've fallen for you so much harder, I'm starting to be my old self. I'm starting to crave more, and I hate myself for that. I told myself that I'll change for you. I am trying to, you know. If this was how I was back then, I would have probably been worse, like ten times worse. And now, I've been trying to hold up, but now I can't. Not anymore. It's so hard. I knew I can't deal with all this. Maybe now it's not the right timing. I'm pretty sure it isn't.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wont you come and,

raise your glass?

Life. It's been long since I've actually talked about my life. Well, life has been pretty fair to me. Obviously, with all the ups and downs, there's nothing much I can do about it. Within this whole year, I've learned alot. I've learned that people are very realistic and yet materialistic. I've lost my chances, twice, without knowing what I've done wrong. And, it's just because of people being judgemental. It's okay, I live and I learn. I still hold on to my principle, for now. It's okay if they do not take me and appreciate me for who I am. I'm fine.

However, there are so many people knowing my childhood name, and honestly, I hate people calling me that. As in, I get irritated. If you consider yourself, my family/boyfriend/best friends, I kinda don't mind, but don't simply call me, by that name. I hate it. If you want me to love you more than just a normal friend, call me Shan :) Just Shan. I'll love you. I love it when people call me Shan. It makes me feel like I'm close to that person.

will you cry, knowing that i'm gone?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forget you,

and forget her too.

Okay, so this PMS thing is really getting into me. I've been having crazy mood swings these days. Whoever who pisses me or upsets me, i'll go crazy. Well, today I haven't been smiling nor laughing alot. And yesterday's dream was just.. weird. Very weird. It kind of upsets me in a way, but leaves me a deep connection.

And now, i'm tearing over something. I'm sure someone will know why. But oh well, I'm feeling so emotional now. And i really don't like not smiling. I think now's the 3rd time i'm crying today. AHHA, i feel so stupid, really. I've so much to say, but i really don't know how to put it into words.

You. Thanks for everything. I don't care what other people tells me, or you, we'll still be close as ever k? Nothing's going to break us apart. I'll annoy you as much as you want. And please, there are lots more days for you. Don't say as if we're never gonna see each other anymore, cause that's aint happening till the next 70 years okay? And i know, you're a very sincere, true and good friend :D someday, you're gonna find someone who deserves you, and somehow you'll lead a happy life, filled with happiness and your little toys accompanying you :DDD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey boy,

I really wanna be with you.

SO.. I'm sixteen! :) Like.. zz. finally! But on my birthday, i didn't feel anything special ._. However, I did have a memorable sweet sixteen! Will blog about it, when I have transferred all my pictures :D

Why are you still in delusion, dear? He clearly have left you for someone else. Why are you putting yourself down for something/someone which/whom might not even come back anymore? It hurts me to see you devastated. As much as I really want to shout at you to fucking get over him, I can't. Cause I get how you feel. I so do. All you ever need, is time. As time passes by, you'll heal, and learn from it. It's obviously his loss, but it could be your fault too. I just hope you'll learn from your mistakes, and promise me that you'll change. It worries me to see you like this. I'm praying for you, hoping that you'll get over him/it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Opened my mind to things I've never seen. 

I'm currently blogging on my iPod. Why? I have no idea HAHA I just woke up and I checked my facebook. Apparently, JIMMY still reads my blog :p HAIIIIII JIMMM!! *waves* (I know you'll be reading this soon.) 

And I was reading back my previous posts. Wow, this whole year I did change alot. as in ALOT. not just physically but mentally too. I guess I've grown a little more matured, though I'm still quite childish. I'm not that naive as I used to be. I found my courage and guts to do what I love to do. Most importantly, I managed to get over the guy who i was talking about last year and found myself a new guy? HAHAHA well hopefully I wouldn't be flooding this blog with any other emo posts about any guys.. hmm, not now I guess. 

Four days of holidays have been great. First 2 days spent it mostly with shaza&mayyin :) went to pyramid on thurs along with Claire. We watched YouAgain! Ah that was just hilarious. :DD and the next day, went over to shaza's crib for BBQ NIGHT!!! I had lots of fun, really! 

Ok, I don't even know why I'm blogging for. I don't even know why I'm even awake HAHAHA so odd of me ._. well maybe I should watch my tvb dramas :D 

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby, you're a firework

Show 'em what you worth.

Finals are over. Yes, may i repeat, FINALS ARE OVER. Can you believe it? Time passes so heck fast, that i've just successfully gone through Form 4, just like that. Well, since I do not blog anymore about my daily life, so I should totally talk about all the things i've learnt or changed. First of all, I had a haircut around 2 months back? And it made me look like a six years old. Yeap. Bangs, and short hair. It was a decision which I thought I would never make, since I used to have that hairstyle when I was six. But I was persuaded by MichaelPoh, and I totally decided to screw it and just go for it. So i went for it, and I hate my hair now. I can't wait till it's longer, I swear. I need my hair to be long for PROM. I guess I can never make it now. My hair is freaking retarded now, k thanks.

For this whole 11 months, I've met new great friends, and lost a few buddies who used to be close to me. I've fallen in and out of love, and finally i've overcame what I've been afraid of for a year. I've gotten my courage and guts to do what I love to do. I've learnt more about the real world, and tried my best to work for my dreams. I've also gotten closer to my classmates. Yeah, that's pretty much about it.

I read back my previous posts, and it made me think back of Concert Night. Yeah, how much i miss SRIKL concert night, and those practices we had. "Voices" had made me strong. They were the ones who made me believe in myself. We created a bond within us, all thanks to Ms.Charlene. And now, we lost it. It's quite a bummer. But well, nothing much we can do. At least what we had was lovely, and we are able to call it our memories :)

Okay. I'm done, for now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bitter in you..

Oh god, i just realized i've ditched my blog, completely. IT'S NOW.. DEAD. but, i'm here to make it alive again i guess. So i've read my previous post, which was about my DEAD ITOUCH T_T yes, indeed, tragic.


my adorable, super amazing, lovely, handsome yet loving brother, BOUGHT ME A NEW ITOUCH :) like seriously. He went to Singapore like a week after the holidays. And when he was still in Singapore, he called me one day, and asked me, to check out the current price of the iTouch, in Malaysia. So, i did, and both of us found out that the price in Singapore, is actually way cheaper! Hence, he bought me a new iTouch! :D 3rd generation, and 32gb! GOSH. so much better than my died iTouch. Well, it's not that i have forgotten about it, but seriously, it died.. and my dad tried to send it to be fixed, but the price for it to be fixed, it's more expensive than buying a new iTouch. So yeah! :D

Hm, my life this year, has been going on great! :) Despite all the dramas, I had so much fun! SRIKL 2010 concert night, just ended like a week ago! Ohmygod. I miss concert rehearsals so much! I miss all the members of "Voices"! I miss all the times when we would just laugh and laugh like nobody's business, those times we'll sing any song we love, and those times we just play TAP TAP! WOOOO. Gosh, those times spent with "Voices", has been the best, and i'll never ever forget it in my whole life. And, Ms.Charlene, who has spent so much effort on us! Sadly, she's going to leave for UK to do her masters. sigh. I lovelovelove all of them !

Class has been going on great lately too! Classmates are so awesomeeee! I love the guys, ohmygod. Shaza, Clarence, Edward, Tak-Joon, Bee, KienSern, KenShen, Alvin, Sean + the list goes on, have been there for me like, always. And they never failed to cheer me up :) After performing for the concert, they actually praised me! Felt so touched ;'). and Tak-Joon actually called me right after concert ended, and told me I've put on a great show! Gosh. so awesomeeee! And everyday in class, I've been laughing like mad and as if i was crazy. Pure madness.

Well, I'm loving my life, although I've been quite upset recently. But, screw it. I'm gonna live my life, the way i want it to be. :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm back from Pangkor! Though the trip was fun, but something really sad happened.

Dramatic post, ahead. So beware.



Yes, that explains all. It happened like yesterday. I was pretty much PMS-ing already, and when i found out that my iTouch died, i became worse. I couldn't stop whining, practically I was whining like a bitch. Annoyed my sister like a total kesha.

I was really really REALLY REALLY REALLY sad when I tried to switch on my iTouch, but it didn't. I felt really really bad, and sorry at the same time.

I know I did not buy the iTouch. I know it don't belong to me. No, if you're thinking that I stole it, I did not. I got it from someone. But once i got it, I tried my best to protect it with much care and love.

Sigh, the feeling of losing it, is like losing a baby, which i've put so much effort to make it grow perfectly. Although it doesn't have to grow, but yea you get me. My pictures, videos, and songs are gone! G-O-N-E. I bet you're going to say "Oh please yokeshan, your songs are from your itunes! ", WELL YOU'RE WRONG. I have LOTSA songs all from the previous itunes i used to have. Cause my brother took his computer to reformat, and i lost all the songs. But thank god, my itouch still has it! Now that it's died, i lost ALL.


SIGHH. My itouch is currently undergoing a survival therapy, by being buried in a bucket filled with rice! HOPEFULLY IT SURVIVES.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page :)?

I'm a fan of music, are you? I'm a huge fan of BoysLikeGirls, RIGHT. I listen to songs everyday, and same goes to you. It doesn't even matter where you are, you'll be listening to songs. You can be listening to songs sung by Beyonce, Britney Spears, Chris Daughtry, Michael Jackson, or even our local artist, Jaclyn Victor. It can be songs sung by any artist in this world.

As some of you might already know, at the beginning of this year, I had been given an extra opportunity to meet Boys Like Girls again, thanks to Sony Music Malaysia. I felt really lucky, and I still do not know how to thank them, and of course Kel Li :)

photo courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia :)

Anyway, now, in return, I'm here to blog about Sony Music Malaysia! :DD Who has not heard of Sony Music? Come on, it's international. Sony Music Malaysia has been giving alot of freebies and merchandices through twitter, and now that they have a facebook fan page, YOU CAN JUST HOP ON TO THEIR FAN PAGE, AND WIN MORE FREEBIES :DD But of course, in order to win, You'll have to join some exciting games and quizes.

Sony Music Malaysia Facebook page, gives weekly prizes like CDs, movie tickets, showcase passes, and even Meet&Greet passes!! Óh, not forgetting merchandices too! and now, they're giving you a chance to win 2CDs free, of your own choice, with just a simply, tiny-weeny request :)

The request, is by far easy.First of all, you have to be a fan of SonyMusic MY FB page. Then, You, have to blog about Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page. Once you're done, holla to Click!. Just when you're in that blog post, leave your blog link and a valid email, as a comment, so that SonyMusicMalaysia will be able to contact you!

Now that I've done my part, to win em CDs, IS YOUR TURN NOW! GO GO GO, :D


Sunday, June 6, 2010

It hurts.

I'm blogging right now, because i've noone to talk to. Crying to myself, wouldn't help. I know i need to let it out, so, i guess my blog's my current best friend.

I'm so disappointed in you. It's like, I don't even know you anymore. You used to be the only one for me, through my deepest and darkest times. You'd be there for me, I remember. But now, it seems like you don't need me anymore. I feel so useless, as one for you. I feel as though I wasn't there for you, when you were sad, and now, someone is replacing me. Eventhough how much I want to be there for you, to hear you out, now i know that he does it better than I do. Whatever it is, I'll always love you, more than he does, more than anyone does, forever and always. You've hurt me so deep, that I don't even know how to face you anymore. But, i will always love you, be there for you whenever you need me, and care about you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You seem like the type,

to love em and leave em.

Holla everybody. I know it's been ages since I last blogged. Sorrrrrryyy everyone! Have been really busy with exams for the past month, and so on. I also did lose some interest on blogging, honestly :p

p.s: i miss my long hair :(

Anyway, ChineseNewYear was ze' bomb. Been to a few parties, and sleptover at Mayyin's&Shaza's! Then it was exams. Exams were tragic. I did badly. I was fairly distracted, and barely even studied. Gosh, I know I could've done better than that. No point crying over spilt milk now, so I'm gonna work harder for the next exam! :) (yeah, that's what i say right now. ._.)

I guess I shall blog about my HOLIDAYS RIGHT NOW! :DD

On Saturday, 13/03/10.

Had cheer in the morning, till 11 something. Big thank you to KienSern&KaiShin for being sweet people to tapao food for me, and ze' red babes :DD Waited for Claire&Mayyin to finish cheer by 12. Off we went back to Mayyin's crib.

We chilled, and changed into our swimwear. Then waited for Shaowei, to come over! She's back in Malaysia, for a week! Around 2, we went over to Mayyin's apartment, HijauanKiara, Mont Kiara.

in the car.

Once Claire&Swei saw the swimming pool, without hesitating, they straight away went in the pool. HAHAHAHA. same for me too :) BrandonChew and Derrick came a little bit later. All of them joined us in the pool. Around 4 something, it rained, suddenly! We panicked, and quickly got out off the pool. Dried ourselves, chilled abit and ordered pizza.

teh swei.

me:"ohemgeeee. the flash is so bright T_T"

our attempt to dance GEE..

which obviously became an EpicFailure.

My closest friends :)

Then, one of us came up with a stupid idea, which is to go to Solaris, MontKiara.All of us agreed to go to Solaris, since some of us have not been there. Went up to Mayyin's apartment. HAHAHAHAHA, on the way up, her father encountered something, and it was damn hilarious! We got our belongings, and off we went over to Solaris.

First, we walked out of the apartment. We didn't know where to go, but thank god, Derrick knew the way. We walked over to MontKiaraPlaza, and rested for a while, as Derrick calls it. He told us it was damn far, and even further than CrossCountry. So, we took a rest at McD. We finally decided, to just sit a cab to Solaris.

Chilling @ McD.

Shaowei SS with her sundaecorn. HAHA

The boys managed to hail 2 cabs for us, and off we went to Solaris. Hell, if we were to walk, it'd took us 1 hour, no joke. Thank god, we were smart enough to sit cab :)

Once we reached, we went over to ColdStorage, because Derrick was hunting for chips ._. HAHAHA. Camwhored alot. Then, we walked around, to find for a place to eat. We managed to settle down, after a long walking.

Now, let the pictures do the talking.

brandonchew and i :)

the oh-so-sweet coupleeeee.

up up, we go.

with ze' girls.


@ the restaurant.

it was a memorable yet fun outing!
we seldom do this,
in fact,

for more pictures:

next post: Sleepover @ mayyin's&AliceInTheWonderland./PinkGagaFest @ JH's&sleepover.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Would you help someone,

if you have the ability to?

Lizzie Radcliffe. (okay no, that's not her real surname :p Her surname is meant for me to know, and for you to find out)

this lucky girl who got uncountable hugs from Bryan :p

I'm here to blog about her :) For what reason? I've no idea. But there's just something special between her and i, which we can never explain. Áll i can say was, we're meant to be and fated to be friends. I still remember the day where she randomly twit-ed me, and the next day, we're already meeting each other! HAHAH we definitely have one thing in common, is, BoysLikeGirls means the whole world to us.

I might not know her personally, i might not see her every single day, I might not know so much about her or what not, and even though the only topic we always talk about is BoysLikeGirls, at least i know, that she'll be there for me, to make my problems go away! :D She's really nice, and sweet. Just like a sister to me! :D We've gone through so many things together! We stayed determined together, we shared our joy together, we hid our laughters together, and the most important thing is, we made both of our dreams come true. I have to thank her, in every single way, for making my dreams come true. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have got what i wanted, during the NokiaLaunchingParty. It still feels like a dream to me, and everything I've ever wished for, happened all in a single day.

Anyway, she just told me that she's done the craziest thing in her life. When she told me that, I stoned. What other crazy things can she do, other than stalking BLG with me!! :P HAHAH. Well, it came to my surprise that she actually gave away her KrisAllen showcase tickets, to a complete stranger! The first thing which came into my mind was, "AWW, OMG that's so sweet of you :) " She kept asking me if she was doing the right thing. Hell yeah babe, if i were you, i'd absolutely do the same thing too! I was telling her, how grateful both of us should be, and how lucky we were to actually meet BLG up close and personal. Since she could make a stranger's dreams come true, as the only thing that stranger wanted was to watch KrisAllen live, and since Lizzie could do it, why not right?

If i was Lizzie, I would give that stranger, the tickets without hesitating. I mean, there are so many friends of mine, who made my dreams come true, so i think, it's actually time for me to make other dream's come true :) the same concept, to Lizzie. Yeah, she gave away the tickets in the end. What can I say? I'm absolutely proud of her!

Yeah, I told her that she's courteous :p HAHAHA, relating her story, to the BM essay i just wrote last week. ;)

OH YEAH LIZZIE! if you're reading this, i just wanna say, THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR EVERYTHING!!!! seriously, EVERYTHING! sorry that you had to tolerate with me at times, and im so sorry if i've annoyed you or pissed you off :( you know that i love you! :D

p.s:// read her blog about her BRYAN DREAMS! :D

Signing out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I used to be lovedrunk,

but now i'm hungover.

It's February. Sorry for the lack of updates for the past whole month. January was one of my ever best January I ever had, though it was a hectic/stress month, but, i had the best fun, that I could ever have in a one whole month :)

Let's start off with Nokia X6 Launching Party(yes, BOYSLIKEGIRLS were the headline for it :D). As you can see in my previous post (Jan19), I was dying to win tickets to meet BoysLikeGirls, through Hitz.Fm. Sad to say, I failed to. I actually used 3 phones to text in alright! I was so devastated when I found out I couldn't win... I really gave up :( I tried to soothe myself, by saying that " Ah... they'll come back.. one day. And i'll wait :(" But on Jan23, medias started announcing that it'll be free admission to Nokia X6 Launching Party! I was so so so happy yet excited to hear that. I quickly called up my BLGbabes, and some of my friends to tell them the good news :) Yes, I needed to share my joy. HAHAHHA. But then, some of them didn't really want to go, cause they think it'll be dangerous, etc to go to a place, which will be crowded :X I was really disappointed to hear that, but oh well.

That was the moment when I was kinda upset. I told Lizzie, that i wanted to go so badly, but I've no one to accompany me. :( But, she came up with an idea, or should i say a favour :) WHICH WAS THE BEST FAVOUR! Thanks to her, really. She helped me with so many things, just for me to go! :D On 26Jan, @SonyMusicMY posted a tweet on Twitter, saying that they're giving out BLG M&G passes! Anis told me bout it, and i quickly joined it! In order to win a pair of passes, we've to subscribe TwoIsBetterThanOne as our handphone's caller ringtones. Then we had to message @SonyMusicMy on twitter, our name & hp number. That night, Lizzie told me a good news, and we ended up talking about winning the M&G passes, which obviously, we were just fooling around. She even said, " if one of us win the tickets, we really have to buy a lottery ticket okay! Out of a thousand fans, and you're chosen, it must really be your lucky day". Yeap, they'll only selected 5 lucky winners and it's at random.

The next day, SONYMUSICMY called me! Obviously I was waiting, wanting, hoping for @SonyMusicMy to call me right, so i was so so excited bout the call.

Sony: I am calling you about the BoysLikeGirls Meet And Greet passes, and you won a pair of passes for you and our friend!
Me: *screams like some sampat* OMG OMG OMG. I WONNNNN! *AHHHHHH*

I was shouting and crying along with Shaza;Alia;Danielle;Sheena! HAHAHA. I was damn happy, like DAMN DAMN DAMN HAPPY. The feeling was even way better than getting 7A's, okay!! Then when I was on the way home, Lizzie told me that she knew I won, cause @SonyMusicMy tweeted bout it :) HEHEHEH. I was happier when I heard that other BLGfans i know, won too! :)

On 29Jan, the big big day :D :D HEHEHE. For the whole day, I was so damn heck excited. I even told Mr.Tana that I was gonna meet my boyfriend! AHHAHAH. and he believed.. ._.

Mr.Tana: You got boyfriend adi ah?
Me: Yeahh.. :) :)
Mr.Tana: How old?
Me: 22 this year :D
Mr.Tana: Wahh. Used to be in Srikl?
Me: NOLAH TEACHER. AHHAHA I WAS JUST JOKING. He's a guy from a music band :)

After cheer, I followed JoonMeng's car to BukitKiara. Was caught in a massive jam :( Reached there late. Had to meet up with Lizzie then. Sorry babe i was late :( :( And yes, JoonMeng, sorry that i FFK-ed you okay :( Spent the whole evening with Lizzie and one of her friend :D

Paul&John during PressConference.

BoysLikeGirls during PressCon. :)

BoysLikeGirls with their X6.

Around 8pm, went into BukitKiaraIndoorArena to check out the stage and everything. Heck, one word, it was awesomeeee! Then after that, it was time to meet with the Sonypeople for the M&G :) Met with other M&G winners at the main gate :D Was waiting with Maryam, Lizzie&Amira. Then, the sony people came, and gave us a short brief :)

We had to walk over to this place.. and wait for BoysLikeGirls. I don't know what do you call that. It's like a room upstairs, and we have to walk up :) Waited for like 30 minutes? Our batch was the first to meet the boys :D :D When the Sony people gave the cue for us to go in, ohmygod. I was like... so damn mother effing excited yet nervous.

I saw the boys, and first I said HI to was JohnKeefe(drummer)! :D :D Then I quickly went over to PaulDigiovanni(my love of my lifeee!)

Me: HI PAUL!!! :D
Paul: HI!
Paul: Aw, thank you. *hugs*

Then I stood next to him, and his hand was on my shoulder... omg, I could die.. literally. I was like.. *stoned...... And we were getting ready to take a picture. Then suddenly, people started to stand right infront of me, I didn't know who was it :( But i was so sad. Knowing that I'm short... and of course I won't be seen in the picture right! So i said " Ohmygod. Damn. I'm short, and I cant be seen.." The next thing i knew was, MARTIN PULLED ME CLOSER TO HIM, so that I could be seen! OMGGGG. I was so damn mothereffing happy can?! :D :D After snapping the pictures, I quickly hugged him and said thank you! Then went over to Bryan, and greeted him, and asked for a hug :) Wanted to hug John, but time was running out :(

I walked down the stairs, squealed, and was so star strucked T_T Was so happy for Lizzie too :) Her BRYAN dreams came true! HEHEH. Then after that, we went in the arena, and watched the performances.

I managed to watch a local band, and then was Khalil Fong :) I kinda enjoyed Khalil's performance, as I know a few songs from him. But he's ended quite fast. THEN THEN. OHMYGOD. IT WAS BOYSFUCKINGLIKEGIRLS! I quickly went and take my spot, standing at the front, in between of Paul&Martin! :) Then waited for like 15 mins, and THEY APPEARED!

Started off with I Gotta Feeling, remix-ed with LOVEDRUNK! FUCKING AWESOME :) My camera had to die on me, at the beginning of LoveDrunk. DAMN FML! There was this Malay boy, who suddenly pushed me just to take a picture of Paul. WHATTHEFUCK. I was fucking pissed okay. HELLO, you don't have to push me!!! You can just ask okay! But he left, HMM.

Songs they played:
1. I Gotta Feeling 2. Love Drunk 3. Five Minutes to Midnight 4. She’s Got A Boyfriend Now 5. Hero Heroine 6. Two is Better than One 7. Heart Heart Heartbreak 8. Heels Over Head 9. Thunder 10. The Great Escape

Oh, I swear to god that MartinJohnson pointed at me okay! *that's what i hope :( BUT LET ME SYOK SENDIRI CAN?! * :( and and, I CAUGHT HIS PICK!!! NGEHEHEHHEHE. There's this old uncle cameraman who stands right infront of me, and blocked my whole view wtf! And then when i tapped his shoulder and ask him to pick up the pick for me, HE REFUSED TO WTF. he showed me the " what's your fucking problem look!" I was like " OMG. I SO GOD DAMN NEED THAT PICK. I CAN'T WATCH THAT PICK FLY AWAY FROM ME!" Then there was this youngman who looked at me, so i quickly pointed at the pick! And at first he was thinking what was that, but then he saw the pick! So he picked it up and gave it to me! :) I have to say, I love love love him :D :D

I couldn't stop shouting all of their name! AHAHAH. I think i annoyed all the people beside me :P But, oh well, whatever! After the concert, Lizzie claimed that she lost Bryan's pick, and she panicked!! She just dumped the small little pick, into her BIG BAG, filled with, everything :P Then we went into her friend's car, and searched for it. She couldn't search for it ._. But when I searched for it, I FOUND IT! Her friend and i was stoning at her!! 0_0 <<<> Then her friend fetched me home :) Thanks Lizzie for spending the whole evening&night with me :D She's like an older sister to me! :D :D THANK YOU TO SONYMUSIC for giving me the M&G passes! Thank you to NOKIAMUSICMY, for inviting BOYSLIKEGIRLS! Last but not least, THANK YOU BOYSLIKEGIRLS, for that awesome show! :D Sorry if i was being a bitch on that day, but i had to :(


the stage :D

Lizzie&her awesome shirt! Me love her&her shirt ;)

Maryam&I :D

Babe, thanks for everything!


VJ Utt.

Khalil Fong.

Martin making his grand entrance :p


Martin&Paul; LOVEDRUNK.



For some reasons, i love this picture!

2 is better than 1.

I love Martin's guitar :)

The TAYLORSWIFT for the night. (idk her name)


Me love this picture!


SONY M&G winners with the boys! :) Incase you can't see my face, you can double-click to enlarge! Still can't find me? I'm next to Martin.. My head is just below his :P HEHEH.




my precious pick ever! :D


Twitter winners who won a pair of BLG M&G passes :)

I couldn't get any pictures of John that night, cause my phone couldn't zoom(suck, i know), and as my camera already died :( BOO.

the crowd.
the best night ever.
one of my ever memorable event!

signing out.
next post will be bout parties during Jan!

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