Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey boy,

I really wanna be with you.

SO.. I'm sixteen! :) Like.. zz. finally! But on my birthday, i didn't feel anything special ._. However, I did have a memorable sweet sixteen! Will blog about it, when I have transferred all my pictures :D

Why are you still in delusion, dear? He clearly have left you for someone else. Why are you putting yourself down for something/someone which/whom might not even come back anymore? It hurts me to see you devastated. As much as I really want to shout at you to fucking get over him, I can't. Cause I get how you feel. I so do. All you ever need, is time. As time passes by, you'll heal, and learn from it. It's obviously his loss, but it could be your fault too. I just hope you'll learn from your mistakes, and promise me that you'll change. It worries me to see you like this. I'm praying for you, hoping that you'll get over him/it.



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