Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boys Like Girls

Hey Martin :) That was a really sweet post. And, i'm glad and proud enough to say, that i'm a fan of BLG. Probably you'll think that girls are into all four of you, just because you guys are hot/cute or whatsoever. But, no, that's not it. Not for me. I honestly, think that you guys are, one of the best band ever. Once again, not cause of your looks, but, its how you guys make music. And i totally admire that. It's really hard to find bands/singers like you guys, ya know? I've been listening to LOVEDRUNK album for a thousand times since i've got my hands on it.The first time i hear those songs, i've sensed something. But, i couldnt figure it out. As, i put it on repeat, that's when it hit me. I took the lyrics booklet, and started to sing along as i couldn't resist. As i sang along, i understand your story then. Those eleven songs, which you've written/co-written, totally,made me understand your story and life better. The feelings and words you're trying to let the world to know, we get it. And, it just turned into an inspiration for me. You're amazing, seriously. I'm still wondering, how can someone like you(one of your songs name,heh), can ever, write such good songs. I can't find anything, bad about those eleven songs. Maybe it's cause you've written from your heart, and recorded it from your heart. That's what true songwriters are, right?

Well, I've been hoping to meet you guys, like desperately. You guys are coming down to Malaysia right, but, sadly, it has an age limit, so therefore, i guess i won't be able to enter and meet you guys. When i found out about that, i cried. I was so upset about it, but there was nothing i can do. But after reading your post, thats when i got it. It's not about getting to meet you guys actually. All that matters, is being able to hear you guys, making music. I don't mind, if i won't be able to meet you guys, but, please, please, i beg you, don't ever stop making music, alright? :) You can never meet all your fans out there, one by one, but there's a way that you can meet them is by writing songs and meeting their heart instead.I don't know bout others, but it definitely, met my heart. By the way, thanks for writing those songs which have inspired me alot. Like, OnTopOfTheWorld. I know that you've written it for your mum as she's no longer here anymore.I'm sorry to hear bout that. It's a really good song. I lost my grandpa 2 years ago, and, whenever i start thinking about him, that's when i'll listen to OnTopOfTheWorld. It's because, i feel the same too, and that's the only song, which.. understands how i feel, honestly. Next is, Go. Lately, i've been having troubles with everything. Nothing ever seems right. But, when i listen to GO, i'll feel better eventually. And, it just makes me a better person, and in someway, that song motivated me. " Get up and go, take a chance and be strong" You got that right, Martin. After listening to it, i'll tell myself, " Yes, get up and go, take a chance and be strong. I can do it right?". Furthermore, that's what you're trying to tell me right? Heh. So, i will also tell myself, " for Martin, i will do it." You're quite an inspiration to me, no doubt :) Wow, i've written this long.. Hm, i'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but.. lets hope you are reading. But even if you're not, it's the thoughts which count right?

Hm, i guess this is long enough. Haha. Though there's so much more to tell you, but i guess i'll write it out, all in my blog :) So yeah, thanks alot MartinJohnson; PaulDigiovanni;BryanDonahue;& JohnKeefe. You guys, are the best, and i mean it. Oh, i still hope that i'll get to meet you guys someday :D

Make a promise. To Me, and all every other fans,
even if you want to, give us a good reason,
or else, we as your NO#1 fans, won't allow you guys to :)

Heh, have fun touring you guys! I know you guys are hitting Asia soon, like few days more? So, enjoy ASIA! You'll love it! Oh, enjoy Malaysia too :D Please do come back to Malaysia, next year okay? You have lotsa lotsa fans(mostly all teenagers) down here!So, please do not.. have an age limit concert -.- And, of course, me, who've never met you guys before, but still dying to, would love to see you guys, and watch you guys perform( though i was at MTV WORLSTAGE Malaysia, but that wasn't enough). Of course not! :D So, probably, come back, and have your own LOVEDRUNK/BoysLikeGirls concert! A concert, where, us, your fans, get to hear all your songs, live :)

Take care, Martin! And send my regards to Paul;Bryan; John. As long, as all four of you are happy, i'll be happy too!

i love all four of you! BoysLikeGirls, rock :D :D
f.y.i; I'm happy to join your family :)

Wow, that was what I wrote for BLG last yr, left a comment @, and I just thought of checking it out and trying to read what I wrote HAHAHA. interesting piece of mine.



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