Thursday, December 23, 2010

If i die young,

bury me in satin.
Okay, so, It's Time Youth Camp 2010 and SriKL Prom Night, have ended. What now? My boy has flew to U.S.A, spending his x'mas there. And I've nothing planned. Well, though I've alot of events to go to, but, same old problem. Transport. Sigh. That's why I wish that I can drive now.

But oh well. Youth camp and Prom has been really really really good! Awesome actually :) I'm really really glad that I got to spend time with the boyfriend for like 6 days, :') It's just so nice to have him around me all the time, and getting to spend some solitary moments with him before he leaves for U.S and college. Thank God for that!
So, I'm going to blog about the Camp and Prom some other time AHAHAH, wait till I have pictures, or what not.. Um, I'm pretty sure I won't be blogging :p too lazy actually, but we shall see no?

Thanks for being so understanding,
and tolerating me for everything I've done wrong.
sorry that i've done alot of stuffs which may have upset you,
or even close to breaking your heart and hurting you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I may not be the most perfect girl in this world,
but thank you for loving me for who I am.
Thanks for treating me like a princess and pampering me.
Thanks for being there for me, and with me,
whenever I need a shoulder to cry on.
Eventhough we've only met for 5 months,
and being together for only a month and half,
but it feels like I've known you for life.
During this past 6 days have been the best time,
cause I have you around with me.
I'm sorry that sometimes I sulk over things which may not be true,
and throwing my temper at you.
Only you can stand me and tolerate with all my childish attitudes.
Only you can make me smile and laugh again whenever I'm down.
I don't mind whenever you hurt me, or upset me,
cause I believe that things will work out eventually,
and I will do anything for you baby. I will.
I love you.



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