Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forget you,

and forget her too.

Okay, so this PMS thing is really getting into me. I've been having crazy mood swings these days. Whoever who pisses me or upsets me, i'll go crazy. Well, today I haven't been smiling nor laughing alot. And yesterday's dream was just.. weird. Very weird. It kind of upsets me in a way, but leaves me a deep connection.

And now, i'm tearing over something. I'm sure someone will know why. But oh well, I'm feeling so emotional now. And i really don't like not smiling. I think now's the 3rd time i'm crying today. AHHA, i feel so stupid, really. I've so much to say, but i really don't know how to put it into words.

You. Thanks for everything. I don't care what other people tells me, or you, we'll still be close as ever k? Nothing's going to break us apart. I'll annoy you as much as you want. And please, there are lots more days for you. Don't say as if we're never gonna see each other anymore, cause that's aint happening till the next 70 years okay? And i know, you're a very sincere, true and good friend :D someday, you're gonna find someone who deserves you, and somehow you'll lead a happy life, filled with happiness and your little toys accompanying you :DDD



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