Sunday, November 7, 2010


Opened my mind to things I've never seen. 

I'm currently blogging on my iPod. Why? I have no idea HAHA I just woke up and I checked my facebook. Apparently, JIMMY still reads my blog :p HAIIIIII JIMMM!! *waves* (I know you'll be reading this soon.) 

And I was reading back my previous posts. Wow, this whole year I did change alot. as in ALOT. not just physically but mentally too. I guess I've grown a little more matured, though I'm still quite childish. I'm not that naive as I used to be. I found my courage and guts to do what I love to do. Most importantly, I managed to get over the guy who i was talking about last year and found myself a new guy? HAHAHA well hopefully I wouldn't be flooding this blog with any other emo posts about any guys.. hmm, not now I guess. 

Four days of holidays have been great. First 2 days spent it mostly with shaza&mayyin :) went to pyramid on thurs along with Claire. We watched YouAgain! Ah that was just hilarious. :DD and the next day, went over to shaza's crib for BBQ NIGHT!!! I had lots of fun, really! 

Ok, I don't even know why I'm blogging for. I don't even know why I'm even awake HAHAHA so odd of me ._. well maybe I should watch my tvb dramas :D 

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