Tuesday, August 19, 2008

qian shan wan shui :)

hello :D its 11am :)

oh oh , i was watching olympics highlights . guess what i saw ? an advertisement of olypmics & jay chou song - qian shan wan shui ! i was like ... OMG OMG , FINALLY THEY USED THIS SONG FOR SOMETHING TT i was so touched until almost cry :D jay chou was suppose to sing this song for opening ceremony , but not selected . lets hope he sings it for closing ceremony TT AH , QIAN SHAN WAN SHUI<3. and jay chou purposely compsed this song for OLYMPICS :) well , he did sing this song at beijing olympic concert ;P AH LOVE LOVE THAT SONG TT

in 6 more hours , i will be going OU :)



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