Monday, July 28, 2008

Its a thief in the night to come and grab you :)

helo . school today was fun :D but sweaty . :X .

had assembly in the morning . and ... i was talking with may yin bout avril lavigne's upcoming concert tour in malaysia . might be going if we can find a gang going , anyone wana join ? ;) and she wants to go MAA cause she wants to see her justin timberlake getting award :D ah , her justin timberlake is like my jay chou 8D . after assembly , then we sit in class and talk . and chien wee bought 2 packets of mee , and 1 big nasi lemak TT omg .. hunger strikes :) then was break . after that was sejarah . got back result . got 61/80 . after that was pe . didnt go ; lazy to change . walked down and saw vijune ; jolin ; fitri :D . talked to them . hehe . after that , we were punished to stand under the sun for 1 period . ah .. we were talking and not standin in a straight line . then pn.jamilah wrote our name for CS . oh dear , my record TT ah , so much for " ah cs , shit i dont want " niway .. then , went down to sit :D and claire have became MRS.YANG . :)

then was lunch . and shaza thought that chicken was fish . :D ahah silly lil babe ;P then , nat , me , claire , liya and maine were talking bout ghost stories . after that was english . people did their oral test and sheila annd i dont have to :D cause we did . and ...jing her wasnt prepare , but he still did and he kept on looking at me hoping i would give him clue , well i did , but he didnt know what in the world i was talking about . ah sorry brother :) then was k.h . got back paper . 82% . and we did our corrections . after that was maths . pn.zuraina din come , so pn.ten replaced . and yeah it was boring TT then was bm , got back our marks , and we kind of have free period . technically we dont study during her period . then we were like playing tickle . AHAHAH it was so fun , but too bad it was so sweaty ><>

taken by jasmine during yen's bday party :) i like the effect when yen was moving.

last year beginning . during the mid year .

end of the year ;then straight fringe didnt quite suit me.
change parting . :D . current fringe .
p.s :im done . getting a new layout . and my connection sucks )=<



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