Thursday, July 10, 2008

it took you forever ? :)

oh well . its thursday :D . i didnt blog yesterday cause i was busy . i had piano and guitar class . then .. i had to print out music proj and do 2 karangans . then had to think of some ideas of my oral test for english . sigh :\ . i didnt even have time to watch my show ): but .. TODAY .. IM FREE :D wanted to sleep but i washed my hair .. so i cant =.='' ah well .. today in school was just okay :]

was going up the stairs when i reached school .. then .. met claire . she was about to go down to locker to take my chinese books . so i temaned her since it was my books . then .. yeah .. it wasnt it locker ... oh dear ): nor in my desk .. NOR AT HOME .. screwed ); . then went back up :D . then bell rang .. and sheila came :D . well ... was so happy for her . AHAHHA XD . god knows the reason why :P first lesson was moral . we thought zuhrah wasnt coming .. but .. she showed up . =='' so yeah . then was chinese :) was talking to sheila & eugene thru out the whole class . AHAHHA XD . then was break .

then .. was sejarah . bored =.='' . i was lifeless too :D i made some notes .. and put in my dear buddies pencilbox / wallet . HAHAH i guess they had a hard time searching it :) then was science .. B-O-R-I-N-G ! time passed damn slow .. i was lifeless again .. =.='' now i did notes and taped it on my babes table :P . and sheila wrote a note and put it in my purse saying " science is boring . shan's not .. she's lifeless " AHAH XD .. well thank you :) then was music .. can barely use the comp cause teacher was explaining bout time signatures .. =.='

then was lunch . was suppose to go for leo comittee interview .. tapi .. yuanting wasnt in class . so we had lunch :D i remember .. that there was a big crowd in between of the road ..

* walks and see what happens *
me : eh eh aiman , what happen ?
aiman : there .. * points *
* an bug / big insect laying eggs *

damn cool weih 8D . sumore .. it was my first time talking to aiman .. or maybe second =.='' gosh i forgotten . i barely even talk to him ); . sometimes i just feel the pain of his loneliness . sigh . after that was geo . sheila and i wanted to go see yuan ting .

fauzan : you LUPA BAWA BUKU KE ?
sheila : HAH NO NO .. THERE THERE !!
fauzan : pegi lah ..
me : eh sheila u going see yuan ting ?
sheila : yalar .. u dun wan teman me ):
me : okay okay .. CIIKGU .. I GO KAY ?
fauzan : BYE BYE SHEILA .!
me : teacher i can go ah ?
fauzan : NOOO ..
me : please teacher . i seriously need to go see someone lah . =.='
fauzan : AH GO LAH GO LAH .

then .. we went to 3 beta .. she isnt there .. her classmates say in language lab . so we went there .. nope she wasnt there .. then we wanted to go back up .. SAW HER SAW HER XD .. then we went up ... she wasnt there . so i asked sheila go to toilet .. then sheila say noone . so i went in .. and saw yuan ting washing her hands =.='' then eugene asked her bout the interview ting .. she said tmrw after school .. so yeah . then went back up to class :D . after geo was english . but mrs.k didnt come . so we played " the witch " which was created by ter & juan :D . and the guys made sandwhichh ... HAHAH not in food .. but using their body .. then was bm .. we played this game .. we are given a topic and we have to talk bout it .. we pass the bottle around .. who ran out of idea .. consider lose :) did ringkasan . then was maths . damn funny XD . they kept on talk bout cheebye HAHA XD .

i guess you guys still haven learn your lesson .. and you guys dont appreciate what i've done for you all .. if the next person who gets suspend .. i swear to god im never gona cry again . cause you guys dont even bother bout how much we spent our tears that day . isit that hard to stop ? i've tried my best to advice / console you all . but i guess you guys just acted i was crapping . and no .. i spoke it out with my whole heart . and obviously i was caring for you all . claire , all we have to do is just console and advice them .. hoping that they will know we'll always be by their side if they need someone . if they dont take it , well its their problem . at least we've known , we tried . thats all which matters right now .

oh well .. currently my connection damn slow ): .. ah can die man .. i guess im done right here :P



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