Thursday, July 10, 2008


lol .. guess what ?? just now .. my computer .. didnt have enough space for hard disk . so i went to control panel and add or remove programs . so i removed one .. C-Audio ting . cause i thought it was some .. extra media thing which practically i wont use it . so yeah , then i had to restart . okay .. restart . then .. the next thing i click was to play song in ares .. suddenly " media error : no audio device is installed " i was like wtf . ==' i tried in windows media player also cannot . then i realised that what i removed just noww was my audio device . so i panicked like fuck .. i cried like shit .. hit my own head for being so dumb .. so i told brandon lim . and apparently he helped me out and i managed to get it reinstall :P AH THANKS TO HIM MAN . HE'S MY LIFE SAVIOUR ;D

10 things you should know bout me :P
1) i loveee jay chooouuu :D
2)my name is lee yoke shan .
3)birthday date is on 26-11-94 .
4)love my family and friends the most :]
5)short and thin ._.
6)i've small boobs :D
7)i've average size of a pair of eyes :]
8)i dont bring jacket to school :)
9)my phone sux ..
10)i've lots of hair on my leg TT



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