Friday, July 11, 2008

101th post :D

well this is my 101th post before i go to sleep . =.=''

today was fun :D had assembly today .. a short one . then later after 30 mins , ms.voo came . we had 1 period of science . then after break .. went to pri library helped out with the balloons . then went over to porch to talk to brandon lim .. all the balloons were flying away . so we picked it up .. and first we went to sec canteen .. but it was full of ballons already . so we went up to hall . while we were walking . there were maids putting the tables and chairs down . so it was practically ... jammed . then may yin who was walking infront of me .. one of her balloons suddenly burst .. she and i shouted and then she was so freaked out she let go all her balloons . and all blocked my way -.-'' smarty pig :) then later .. went up to class . saw the boys . :D played the witch :) and then .. we hung around with the boys . first we sat with the boys outside the class . then we played ice & water . AHAHHA XD . i just love them :P . 4 periods of free period :D then we took our bags and went down . i got so pissed cause of something . then shaza , claire , may and i went to subway to have our lunch :) ooh .. yummy :P then went over to 7-E :D then .. went back to school . and i cried at the middle of the road . everyone was staring as tho they were watching a movie =.='' then went for interview for leo , board of directors * thats what stephanie calls it :D * saw brenda , steph , mun ching :) sat with them and we took turns to go in . yuanting was our interviewer . i waited for 45 mins , then i went in :D . well .. the questions were kind of okay :) then , met with claire and may .. and hung around awhile . at 3.30 went home :)

ah . i still want more subway TT ): * cries * okay im going now :P bye ..


ugh back ): i couldnt sleep cause my stomach was grumbling :\ and i want subway sandwhich badly TT . niway .. today i've been so pissy .. according to shaza & may . im sorrry TT i guess im going to have PMS soon ): lets not hope its tomorrow . please please TT . speaking of tomorrow ..

whose interested , please do come :D
its for charity , and the only .. charity :]
its from 9am -4pm .
coupons will also be sold tomorrow ,
you're gona have lotsa of fun , i promise .
so please come ! :)

and i've no idea what to wear . cause mr.chew said we can come with our own shirt but in a decent looking . AHAH XD . and i dont know what time i should be there . nor do i have anything to do , cause i heard that leo's are incharge of the dunking machine =.=' oh im so screwed ;\ . and i've no idea is any other of my family members going . sigh ..

12th &13th JULY 'o8
Cheer 'o8 ...
stadium putra , bukit jalil :D
wanna see super hot cheerleaders ? * brows *
wanna see cool stunts & flying ?
go and cheer for your own school !

well , tomorrow and sunday will be cheer 2008 . i pity CYRENS .. cause they wont be able to come for charity fiesta which is hold every 4 years . ;\ ." but still , tho we wont be there to support , but .. we'll always be there for you in our thoughts . " * quoted by mr.chew * GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW . :D and CYRENS totally rock :) [ C-Y-R-E-N-S , CYRENS ATTACK 8D ; MOVE TO THE BEAT OF SRIKL , SAY S-K-L * claps * SAY S-K-L ;) ]

oh wells .. im going to follow school bus on this sunday with carissa & shaza . * woots~ * and piong mei ting , might be going . :P YAY ! can see her , and tell her bout my probs :D GREAT ;)

5 Main Things Which I Dont Like ):

1)people who are rude .
not to say im not , i dont do it often , but yeah .. i hate people who scolds people for no reason ,
not saying i dont .. but people who scold people for their own benefit ,
they're such a NO-N0.

2)people who copies people who are famous ?
i certainly hate people who tries to be a wannabe , of people who may look cute / pretty / hot .
like .. they dont have what they stand for ..
i hate wannabes :D .
and they act totally like them .
the hairstyle , the way they walk , the people whom they know ..
omigosh , they're trying to be their mirror eh ? =.=''

3)people who tries to know alot of people .. / act as tho they know them
some people randomly says hi to people /
like i've this senior friend , then maybe this person knows its my friend , then they want to know my senior friend ,
then they'll try to be close with them -.-''
i call them bitch :D .

4)people who dont be themselves .
some people tries to fit in a group , they intend to act like another person , to impress them ...
or do you say , they wanna be cool so they go act like ... someone else =.=''
i mean .. i know sometimes is hard to fit in , but you also got your own " maruah " right ?
is not easy to pretend to be other people :)
i've once like that before .
and i know how it feels , therefore , now i only want to be myself :D .

5)people who showoff their everything =.=''
i dislike girls who .. likes to show off their " big boobs " .
so what if you have big boobs ? =.='
you wan showoff , u wan kena rape isit ?
then .. they go tell other people ... their flat . =.='
some people just say i dont have boobs .. omigosh right infront of me ..
you're blind ke =.='
tho i dont have big boobs .. which may consider small ..
so what . =.='' at least i wont kena rape :P .
i dislike people who showoff their valuables ..
wtf . =.='' u want your purse kena stolen isit ? :D
seriously , keep it low lah please . =.=''

ahaha , i've typed so long :D oh wells , i guess im gona watch my show alredi .. byes :)



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