Friday, July 25, 2008

I finally realised that love cant return :)

well .. i locked my blog for a day .. and im sorrryy for those who asked me why i lock it . i just lock it for fun :)

today was just okay :D fun tho . had 2 periods of science .. and it was frigging boring . then was break :) then was 2 periods of seni . free period . the guys were bullying claire so i've noone to talk to , and i kept going round the class to find ppl to talk to :P but i manage to talk to vic and mei yin :] then chien wee & stanley had this " who going to steam first " competition . all of them watching porn . AHAHHA XD . so funny >< claire and i was like ... whose going to steam first ? then was chinese ... got 87% . free period again . teacher was talking bout what chinese history thing . i wonder what did he study in college =.=' he master in chn eh ? then was maths . free period again , i was learning hokkien language and it was damn funny . pn.zuraina joked with us also . AHAHAH XD .

then school ended , was suppose to go with shaza&may yin , but this jing her lah . =.=' keep on saying , eh we go first lah . so claire and i went with him .. we went to porch cause he wants to put his bag , then wait for him to change and the other guys to change , damn long . =.=' finally we went ac lah . ate wantonmeeee ~ i felt so guilty cause i had claire to wait for me . then we went to MCD cause claire wanted to eat that . :) and jing her said " eh careful ah " claire and i were like ... what , cursing us ah ? and we were so scared lah . then we went back to school safe and sound :P and met with shaza . then saw eugene , brandon lim and ryan yee :] then the guys came back and we talk and talk . first , eugene went back , then was shaza , then was ryan , then was aliya . so left me , chew , ian , claire n jh . claire n jing her was chasing each other . so chew , ian and i go walk around :) then 5 of us played catching . cause jh took claire's phone . AHHAHA XD . then ian had to go , and his mum was so nice . ian shouted " DRIVE LAH WOMAN " the mum din scold . AHAHHA . then left 4 of us . we were so tired of running . then chew went home , left jh , claire and me . then 3.45 i went home leaving claire and jing her two of them alone :P

and tmrw might be going out with my babes man :) after how long :P i hope we can get the tickets booked . TT hehehe ^^

byeeee ~



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