Sunday, July 27, 2008

Outing at OU :D

Saturday . 26/07/08 :)

woke up around 10 . :D ate break fast . used the lappie , watch some tv . around 12.30 , went to bath . left house at 1.20 , headed to ou . first , went to buy herbal tea for mum . then headed to new wing , on the way , met brenda ong . then i called sheila to ask her where were they , and they were at old wing . so i followed brenda ong to old wing cause we were going there too :) then .. met them at guardian :) and shaza told me that .. some slimming assistant ask them whether do they wana go for slimming course . AHAHAH so funny XD then , first , we went over to gsc cinema to see can we get dark night tickets ? but .. we couldnt . so we decided to eat first , then only get tickets in tgv . so we ate at sushi groove :) we were gossiping , and laughing like some siao zha bo . :P . and prac , we were the loudest . then we realised it was 3.30 alredi . then .. we paid the bill , it was heck confusing and it was rm125 =.=' oh btw , shaza got her sexy jeans ripped . AHAHHAHA XD . it was so so so funny TT

then we went over to dream world :) and ... we took at this new machine .. and we waited for so long for the photo to come out . and it was heck long , so we complained , and guess what , the lady just pulled out from above .. and tada ! we were dumb =.=' then sheila said she wanted to take one more . shaza didnt wan at first , but we managed to persuade her :P then we took another one . and altho we had to use sheila's " emergency money " because we were broke , but we had fun sexies :P then we went over to yipee cup . french kiss ma favourite :D there were this bunch of guys at the back of us and according to sheila & shaza , they kept on looking back . == . nihoo , we pranked call cause we were hell bored . we pranked derrick & huey ching . :D

then we left , and we went to outside the a&w , the playground and took a walk . then we went back and headed to marks & spencer cause shaza wanna see jeans . AHAHA . then went over to mph :) then ... we went walking around . and we went karaoke . :) with cindy & brenda v . and .. while we were karaoke-ing , some technical prob came up . ahahah XD . then around 7.45 i met with my bro and went home :)

got home , watch astro talent quest final :D then , it end around 11 . then went to my parents room and watch tv with my sis . sis , me , mum slept together in 1 room :) and .. sis and i watch this ghost show .. it was effing scary ><

i guess im going to go now , will post up pics as soon as i get it . :D thank you sayangs for making my day yst so awesome ! :D love you guysss .



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