Friday, July 4, 2008

Mercy :D

lol . i woke up an hour ago :) . and guess what , i heard my sms tone lah , so i woke up . then i was like talking to myself " early morning who sms me lah !! " then i chck my phone , 4 msgs , 9.09 pm :P . i was like , omg , SO LATE AH .. then i quickly woke up . then had dinner . and guess what , my dear laucha phone haven fix finish yet TT oh dear i miss it ); .

why are u doing this to urself :\ . why are u torturing urself when u knwing there's no hope anymore ): the more u do it , the more you're making people around you worry like shit just for you TT . freaking 7- 10 people cried cause of u when they found out u're in trouble ;\ . ahh . i've no idea , but when i knw u do " it " and when u always talk bout " her " , i just became so worried . and maybe cause u're like a bro to me and i dont want you to get in trouble / have any stuffs bothering you ): . i hope you guys will learn ur lesson after this incident ;\ . cause mostly all of you mean alot to me TT .



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