Thursday, July 24, 2008

Noone's gona be there anymore :)

helo peeps :D i updated yst , but at the wrong blog . i blogged it at my private blog . oh dear . im lazy to copy and paste so i'll just talk bout today :)

today .. was so bad luck for me TT had moral for first period . but .. zuhrah didnt come . so free period . then was chn , free period again :D oh yeah . then was break :) after that was sejarah , free period again . AHAH . then was science , studied . gah X_X . then brandon chew and shaza carried my chair with me on top and trying to bring me to boys toilet . frigging fun man ! HAHAHA XD . then was music . watch vids , and .. i saw mei yin chcking out yoga lin :) then was lunch . and there was this form 1 guy who threw a metal rod from the 2nd storey down , and it dented a car . and it almost hit jing her too . HAHAHA it was so funny lah . zaqir was like " OI WHO HIT MY UNCLES CAR ? MY UNCLES CAR YOU KNOW ! " funny >< then was geo .. got back geo objective paper . 23/30 . then was english . K didnt come . free period . then i cried lah as i talked bout life . then .. yeah .. i had so many probs lah . then ... bm also i continue crying .. maths i cry also .. cause i got back my paper ): 60/80 . ah gosh :\ .

well ... i would like to thank katie , mei yin , and victoria :D once again , you guys manage to give me awesome advices and teach me how to stay strong and stay back up :) i promise you guys i'll never let you down again :D loveeee yoooouuu 33333 ~

next , brandon chew , eugene goh , ian goh , brandon lim :) thanks for giving me advices and listen to me . and ... IAN , THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LAME JOKES . it made me laugh like shit .. and 4 of you , im gona talk to you bout my probs from today onwards :) cinta kamu banyak banyak .

tey jing her and stanley :D thanks for being a good friend , and you guys said will never leave me . you guys better ah TT still love you 2 lah :)

my cousin from shanghai is back :D and gona be staying over night in my house for one day :) oh yeah . and i saw my nephew .. ah so cute ><>

` when i needed my girls friends the most , they let me down & ditch me like that :D maybe ... im not an ideal friend :)



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