Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jie , you're nineteen :P

before i begin , i would like to wishh ...
Happy Nineteen Birthday , Lee Yoke Yin :D
is your last year of teenager , so better have fun :)
thank you for being there for me whenever im down ,
and consoles me everytime .
other than that , thanks for always pampering me :]
and always cheer me up whenever im down ..
and treats me like a baby :D
thanks for spending money o
n me & buy me lotsa of stuffs ,
tho you know i wont use it .
i'llalwaysloveloveloveyouu :)

wo ai ai nii , jie :)

well .. today was okay . had 2 periods of BM . ah disaster ! then was break :) then was science .. i was hell bored ); . then was 2 periods of ENGLISH , it was okay tho .. then was lunch :D . then was geography .. fauzan didnt come . so we played " hah , meh , wah " it was soo funn ! XD . cause everyone did their stupid dares . AHAHA XD . then was moral .. mr.bala relieved . oh my .. he lectured us since he step in our class =.='' then we had to finish our science hw . then was computer :D did our coursework ting . then was chiinese , i left my purse upstairs in class and thanks stanley for giving it to me :P well ... sheila , eugene and i pranked jamie that we'll be sitting chinese for PMR . AHHAH xD cause we were having our aural test . he frigging believed XD . then sheila asked him do he watch porn .. he said ya .. in a sarcastic way .. but it wasnt really sarcastic . then i showed him whats sarcastic :D . then was go home time ^^ .

i got back my laucha phone fixed today :) im happy but at the same time .. my memory card is frigging LOCKED TT and i forgotten my password . yalar , yoke shan all your fault . last time .. like to play with the password , simply type in number . now , PADAN MUKA )=< but last time .. the password doesnt works , i swear TT but now it does . ah , what the fuck is this . now it seems i need to get a new memory card ): im so sadddd TT and i tried in every password which have something to do with me / remember using that number to play .. but it doesnt frigging work . SOBS TT . AHHH !!! NOOO ): all my pictures & songs will be gone :\ . and i just send 2 msgs .. and its not delivered .. and i've no idea why
:\ gosh TT things are going so bad nowww ):

i love you , dey :)



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