Tuesday, November 18, 2008

redbox ;)

heeeeelo . i just finish bathing and reached home from pyramid around 6 :)

REDBOX was superb ! and i was fcuking high :\ until carmen and xueh qi called me retarded and they kept laughing at me T_T and obviously , they bomb-ed my camera with a crazy number of pics :D

Gasoline is a very good place ! with .. no lights ? o.O i wonder is their shop .. out of electricity or they're just trying to save the electricity by wanting us to use our handphone light to read the menu :P hah , how interesting ;) gasoline can be the best place for couples and for gossips ! mwahah .

running for my beauty sleep T_T

will blog later along with tons of pictures , i promise ;)


back . i didnt have my beauty sleep . instead , i used it for GemOfLife . but i think the god doesnt want me to watch it , cause i half way watchiing , then will hang . -.-' for !@#$%^ hours T_T ugh . so yeah , im currently searching for JAY CHOU CONCERT ;)

anyway , woke up around 11 , then told my mum to fetch me to pyramid around 12 . then went to bath . suddenly sis tell me to go right now -.-' so yeah , first fetch my sister to LRT , then to pyramid ;) reached around 11.58 am . then went to buy reload from guardian . then i saw Jacinth & Sook Mun .. so i went to them to wait for Carmen & Xueh Qi ;) i kept calling them . and they were late T_T carmen reached around 12.15 , and xueh qi reached around 12.30 . so xueh qi have to belanja us lunch :D

we were busy thinking where to eat . then i suggest Gasoline :D and yeah , we went there ! and it was super cool . no lights :) got lah , got bright and dark area . we chose the dark area . we all took out our handphones to read the menu ! then we ordered . and we gossiped like shit XD . from girls to guys to couples . AHHA XD and we were so hyper ! we kept laughing ;)

then around 2.45 , we left , and headed to redbox :) on the way , xueh qi bought her skin & screen protector for her 4G ipod nano baby :D . we reached redbox , and our room number was 14 ! what a unlucky number . aih . first , we kept finding for JAY CHOU SONGS :)

from Jay Chou to Fahrenheit , to Gary Cao Ge , to Angela Zhang , to Avril Lavigne , to Mariah Carey , Miley cyrus , Leona Lewis , Pink , Pan wei bo , Rainie Yang , and others .

i was super high when singing angela zhang's song xD and they kept taking pictures with me and finding the similarities between both of us . aiih T_T then when we started singing avril lavigne song , xueh qi became more hyper XD . carmen on the song so loud and xueh qi sang so loud , and i was half deaf -.-'

then around 5 , we left ;) and damnness , it was raining -.-' carmen was rushing to go home . so xueh qi and i went to look for toilet . then she realised she left her hiro plastic bag in the redbox . so we have to cross the rain and go and take again -.-' so yeah , we got it . and then she owe me another lunch :D

around 5.30 then i left ;)

picture tmrw as my camera's charging ! :D
p.s : sorry im not in a mood to make it colourful -.-'



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