Sunday, December 7, 2008

everything's fine .

hello :D i was piss , very piss an hour ago .

as not many of you know , 45th Golden Horse Awards was live on tv like since 6pm . and newspaper said jay is gona be there to perform . so yeah i sticked my ass on the chair since 6pm till 11.30pm . AND GUESS WHAT , HE WASNT THERE O.O and i was dead piss T_T 5 hours okay . i can use that 5 hours to do alot of things :\ mum was trying so hard to cool me down cause i was banging the chair -.-'

anyways , will be going ou tomorrow :D to watch quarantine with family . like once in a blue moon , my whole family will go out to watch movie . if the movie have like jet li or jackie chan , then thats an exception . but its QUARANTINE :D lol !

bro : we watch quarantine okay ?
sis : dont want ! james bond lah .
bro : then what movie ? faster , i go buy .
me : twilight twilight . nvm .
bro : nooo -.-'
bro : can we watch something more mature please ?
mum : * laughs *
me : FINE O.O
sis : aiya quarantine lah .

yeah . we decided on quarantine . but its 18 SG . not sure if i can go in anot , but i think with parents will do :D not like i'm 4 years old -.-'

will be buying twilight soundtrack for shaza i think ;) and for me , i think i'll burn the songs into a CD . see , shaza ! im damn good okay :P

byeeee :D



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