Tuesday, December 23, 2008

santa claus is coming to town ;)

tomorrow is christmas eve ! and everyone is going places to celebrate their christmas / having parties / countdown .

and i'm GONA BE HOME ALONE WITH PARENTS T_T sis and bro has their own events :\ and they can drive ! grrr . not that its a bad thing to be home alone , but its just going to be very boring ! and .. its so . sad ):

i feel like skipping guitar tmrw ! but then .. its going to be my last guitar class . so yeah , dont want lah T_T

my life's heck boring !

eh , so many people is off to singapore -.- . sheila , natasha , carrisa & jing her . I WANT TO GO SINGAPORE TOO T_T i havent been to singapore before ! :\

oh ? brandon chew is off to bali too ! and claire's in johor now T_T



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