Saturday, December 13, 2008

what's wrong , what's wrong now ?

today was great ;) spent time with family but not dad cause he's off to ipoh . anyways , went one u today and aunty's house .

today around 9 something , mum went in my room and asked if i want to go one u to have lunch with my cuz and aunty from singapore . i said , i dont want . i want to sleep . so she just left the room . then an hour later , she came in my room and said . " LOOK WHO'S HERE " i saw my 2 nieces ! :D they ran to my bed and invaded my small little room -.- they hit the guitar , opened the closet , messed up my 2 tables , study table and dressing table . they played with SHARPENER , soft toys , PEN , NAIL POLISH , PERFUMES , LIPSTICK AND MY SHIRTS -.-' yeah , then i went to eat and bath ;) watched tv and such .

left to one u around 1 something . we couldnt find any parking -.-' found after like 30 - 45 mins . then we went to have lunch ;) lunch was great ! the nieces played with the camera , taking all of our pictures :D :D then walked around as aunties and mum were looking for dresses to wear . before that , we sat at old wing hall for 30 minutes for Disney Princess Fashion Show . yeah , the nieces wanted to -.-' after walking at old wing , we went to new wing . then my nieces went and sit at the ... cute cute bears which can drive you around and which costs rm3 -.-' the cost was a little pricey . after that , headed home around 6 something ..

at 6.30 , went over to aunty's house at jalan ipoh (; . and 7 something , went for dinner . then went back to her house and watched MTV Music Video Awards . then came home around 9 something :D

anyways , pictures from yesterday .

redbox beautiful toilet ;)

shan ; swei ; jess ; erin ;D

best friends since standard 2 :D

infront of Marche .

me ; jess & erin ;D at curve x'mas deco .

i was the shortest T_T

erin ; jess ; shan

spot the little boy above us :D

running for gossip girl
`you , fucked up biatch . i hate you , fucking do .



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