Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas is coming :D

its saturday , but it feels like a sunday for me -.- i've no idea why .

anyway . i slept around 4 something in the morning again T_T screw me . i cant sleep eventhough i off-ed the lights , yes i on the lights and sleep :\ then i woke up at 4 in the afternoon . usual me -.- i went around the house looking for my siblings , but guess what , they went out without telling me T_T so yeah , i ate brunch while watching Sonria Pasta on 8TV . after that , i watched gossip girl . my sister's friend only give me till ep16 . i dl-ed ep17 yesterday , and watched ep16 & 17 today ;) i'm dl-ing ep18 now :D and less than 2 hours , it will be done ! wala ~

moving on , there's only 2 weeks more till school reopens ! T_T christmas is coming in 5 more days . I'm not going anywhere for christmas . zomg ;\ all my friends are like having their own events and destinations . but , i'm just staying at home ): Claire will be leaving to Johor on 23rd , coming back on 29 . Sheila will be leaving to Singapore on 21st ( which is tomorrow T_T ) , and comnig back on 25/26 . I'm so gonna miss you guys T_T

Schools reopening T_T ! and its gona be end of year 2008 just exactly in 11 days . I haven finish buying my school books ( left civiks ) , I haven wash my bag , I haven clean up my books , I haven finish Gossip Girl , I haven finish reading my book T_T oh oh , my christmas wish for this year , is to HAVE THE BOOK ; THE GIFT - CECILIA AHERN ): ): please , oh santa claus ~

snowman & santa are best friends ! :D




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