Sunday, December 21, 2008

i heart ?

sheila's off to singapore , oh dear .

my blog's visitors are decreasing tremendously T_T and , i feel so dissapointed , when everyday i look at my blog and take a look at my cbox , but nobody leave a tag . it just makes me feel that nobody reads my blog and makes me feel that i should take out my cbox -.- . but when i look at nuffnang , i'll be happy again :D cause i know at least one person reads my blog ! anyways , yeah , you can say that i do really care whether people leave a tag on my cbox or whatever . i guess my blog's just too boring ? :\

anyways , moving on . ITS TONG YUEN FESTIVAL TODAY ;)
i woke up around 1pm because sis was bothering me -.-' at around 10 something , she asked me about cupcakes , and ask me to buy ingredients with her but i told her i am so tired . then she went out . then 1pm she came and ask me what ingredients you need for cupcakes , and she ask me to buy with her , as she doesnt know , and scare she buy wrong . so yeah .

i woke up and went centrepoint with her to buy ingredients . then came back , i quickly had brunch and TONG YUEN :D then bake cupcakes with jie :D meanwhile parents and bro went to KL ? to give the NS letter . anyways , sis and i , have never baked cupcakes before , not as in 2 of us only . but with friends , yes . but do count us noobs -.-' anyways , during the baking part , everything was a success . but then , when we put the 1st tray into the oven , after 1 min , the oven was ... smoking and giving out a burnt smell . sis and i totallly freaked out . but then , we managed to settle it , and , it was a sucess ! :D :D it tasted quite nice . when parents and bro came back around 3 , i quickly ran out to them with cupcakes on my hand , and asking them to try :D dad said it was to sweet , mum said not bad . i asked kor to try , he didnt want -.- he keep saying " eeyer .. " but then he ate the most :P and he did help .

then around 4 , when we were done . jie drove kor and i to bangsar ;D first we went to this reliance optic centre , as kor want to buy specs , but too bad , it was .. closed -.-' then we went looking around for this bazaar ? its not really a bazaar , its this banglow , where all online boutiques owner , will bring out their shirts + accesories out there , and sell it there . the price is really cheap , you can buy 3 dresses less than rm150 . and , it can be bargained :D anyways its .. so CROWDED . hundreds of people were inside and outside of the house . thank god , they had aircond inside .well , jie bought some dresses and i bought some pants . i wanted to buy those formal dresses ? but jie didnt allow -.- she keep giving the excuses that " where can you wear it to ? " . -.-'

then around 5 , we left :D and headed home . i watched some Tivo and then took a nap ;)
anyways , i'm caught up with online shopping right now ! :)



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