Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i miss 2 beta'o8 T_T

heeeeello . sorry i didnt blog yesterday , i was so tired T_T after coming back from Madeline's house , i slept for an hour . then went to eat dinner and online for 2 hours . i was so sleepy . *yawns* .

anyways , today i slept at 4 am -.-' and woke up like 12.30 in the afternoon , cause my brother called me and say " RAINING LAAHH . TAKE BACK THE CLOTHES " . i was forced to wake up , incase it really rains , then im dead . so yeah , i went out and took in the clothes . after 2 hours , it still didnt rain -.- !! i scolded my bro :\ for waking me up -.- ugh . well , at first diyana called me , but then i managed to fall back into my dreams :D

im just blogging now for fun ;)
anyways , i miss everything bout 2 beta lah T_T i hope every 2 betarians can stay in 3 beta next year !! its like A BIG BIG FAMILY WE HAVE :\ those funny moments we have , those moments we have our games with Mrs.K , especially CATERPILLAR !! :D :D and that was the time , all of us co-operate :P and i really liked that !

and i realise , this hols i didnt go out with those close friends T_T like .. MAY YIN :\ its been long since we went out right ? i tink it was during claire's bday party ): and also NATALIE ! the last time we went out was first november i think :\ omg T_T damn long lah , i miss you babe T_T sumore i missed your party T_T and also , BRANDON ; IAN ; JING HER ; STANLEY , haven seen you guys like ... damn long . T_T omg :\ i wan hangout with all my close friendss laaahh :\ i miss all of you T_T and RACHEL , WE ALSO DIDNT GO OUT T_T aih :\

anyways , im waiting for teejoann to finish bathing .
eh joann , FASTER LAH T_T
later i go offline then u know : P
hahaha kidding !




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