Monday, December 1, 2008

everytime i look at the stars , i see you ;)

i feel like having a new blogskin T_T
i tak suka this one ,
cause the words are really small , and it feels so dull .
i like something bright ;)
i went to ,
but the server is down -.-'
pffft . :\
so i guess i've to stick with this currently :D

anyways , today i slept at 6am . yes -.-' i was staying up late just to download rainie yang's new album . i was searching high and low on the internet for it . and finally , i managed to ! :D and i was dead happy ! as the album cost rm62.90 -.-' i asked claire to buy it for me , she was like " crazy ah , rm62.90 " . but ... it gives out free notebook though . and .. i saw it on the net , and i want it T_T . i want so many albums T_T .

1) rainie yang's - Ban Shou Xuan Yan
2) Wilber Pan - Wilber's Future .
3) Jay Chou 2008 world tour DVD . ( i lost it :X )
4) Twilight soundtrack .
5) Huang Jing Lun's new album !
6) Hey Girl - Hey Girl album .
7) Muse -BlackHoles & Revelations Album :D

i want all of them T_T . i showed claire the hey girl album , it was like rm49.50 :D and i asked her which girl is the prettiest & the ugliest , and she say gui gui is the ugliest cause of her teeth T_T .

miss no good has finally come to the end ! :\ and i dont want to watch it , cause i scare i'll cry T_T . and get all sad over it . pffft :) silly me . anyways , next i'm gonna finish MissnoGood ; PiliMIT ; Love or Bread !

and today i stayed up late to watch 100% entertainment , Hey Girl + Bang Bang Tang . so funny T_T . i laughed like some retard alone . XD . it was damn funny . carmen , you were right . :P

okay , i'm going to go and catch up with my cleaning with my study table . :D


the post on top was suppose to be posted on 1st dec . but i forgotten bout it (:

anyways , heello readers :D i just woke up not long ago .

i cant go online during midnight anymore T_T and thats really sad . i can online till 11.30 pm . :\ but anyways , yesterday i off at 11.30 . then i went to read some of the vacation book . sms-ed . and then read BREAKING DAWN :D . i only read bella's book , not jacob . AHHAHA . and sheila called it cheating (: but i just wanted to read bout renesmee :)

and now , i'm really into muse . i keep listening to " supermassive black hole " . and now , i keep watching that song on live T_T i dont know why , but that song just get me high (:

and i'm really crazy bout twilight ! i cant wait to watch it for the third time with carissa :D and the fourth time with hubby T_T zomg . i think im so crazy bout twilight . peter facinelli ! :D :D




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