Sunday, December 14, 2008

tag by aliya ;)

A for Aliya Syaqira
1. Do you love this person?
obviously :D love her to mad !

2. Is this person your enemy?
never ;)

3. Would you kiss this person?
i've kissed her before .

B for Brandon Chew

1. What do you really think of this person?
he's a really nice bestie ! and a trustable friend , good listener

2. What's his favourite color?
erh o.O black ah ?

3. Ever danced with him?
sadly , no .

C for Carmen Lim
1. Do you have a crush on this person?
well ... no . cause im not les :D

2. Have you had a crush on this person?
hahaha have i ? got lah , when she called me on the phone at 12am and sang me a birthday song !

3. How old is she?
10+4 .

D for Derrick Ng
1. How long have you know him?
2 or 3 years i guess .

2. Biggest regret?
erh .... i dont know . no regrets !

3. Do you hate this person?
nope .

E for Eugene
1. Have you met her/his parents?
yeahh ,

2. Worst thing about this person?
he's annoying sometimes .

3. Best thing about this person?

F for Farah Ilyana
1. Have you ever date this person?
nope nope

2.When is the last time you saw him/her?
27 nov . we watched twilight together ! ;)

3.Do you go to school with him/her?
yes yes :D

G for Gan lay pin
1. Is she a good listener?
yeahh :D

2. Have you ever lied to make this person feel better?
dont think so .

3. Is this person good looking?
yeahh ! (:

H for Han Lee
1. What grade is he in?
grade 9 next year .

2. Is he your friend?
yeap .

3. Ever done something illegal with this person?
dont tink so .

I for Ian Goh
1. What is this person's favourite food?
he eats anything -.-

2. How did you know her/him?
erh . we're classmates .

3. Do you trust her/him?
of cause ;)

J for Jasmine
1. Does she/he have any siblings?
yeap .

2. Do you know her/his favourite song?

3. What would you do if she/he confess she/he liked you?
i will tell her , its sad to know you only like me , cause I LOVE YOU ;)

K for Kong MinXuan
1. When did you two first meet?
we haven even meet before ! : O

2. How did you meet?
erh . meet ... as in talk . was thru mei ting ;)

3. Ever danced with this person?
nah .

L for jess Loo
1. What would you do if you had a crush on this person?
confess i guess .

2. Do you like him as a friend?
yea.obviously ! ;D

3. Would you go to Disneyland with this person?
suuureee !

M for Mei Ting
1. Is this person older than you?
uhuh .

2. Is this person single?
yeah . i tink so

3. How many times do you talk to him in a week?
at least once a week ?

N for Natalie
1. Is this person your boyfriend?
hahahaha nope

2. Have you seen this person cry?
dont really remember . but dont tink so .

3. Do you know this person's middle name?
Yian ?

O for brenda Ong
1. Are you related?

2. Could you live with this person?
yeah !

3. What school does he go to?
Sri Kuala Lumpur

P for Penny
1. Have you ever gone to mall with this person?
nopee .

2. How about a sleepover with him?

3. Does this person have a job?
still a student .

Q for-
1. Does he have crush on you?

2. Would you hug this person?

3. Is this person your friend?

R for Rachel
1. Have you ever heard this person sing?
noo T_T

2. Do you think this person will repost this?
erhh maybe ?

3. When does this person look best?
whenever ;) she always look good and cute .

S for Sher Lin
1. Is this person taller than you?
yeah T_T

2. Do you enjoy spending time with him?
eehhe yeah :]

3. Do she live close to you?
do we , sher ?

T for Teh Shao Wei.
1. Would you do anything for her?
obviously . she's my ultimate best friend :D

2. Have you been to her house?
yeapp ;)

3. Where does she live?
shah alam <<<<<< aliya answered it for me ;D

U for-
1. Who's she to you?

2. Is she single?

3. Does she stink?

V for Vijune
1. Does she have crush on you?
no , but yes for my brother ;)

2. Would you hug this person?
hahaha yeah .

3. Is this person your friend?
yeap .

W for Wi-liam
1. Is this person noisy or quiet?
average , but he sounds like a duck :P

2. Describe this person.
he sounds like a duck ! HAHAH KIDDING !

3. What colour eyes does this person have?
black i guess .

X for Xiang Ting
1. Why are you friends with her?
because she used to have the same blogskin with me :D

2. Have you ever gone anywhere with her?
naaah T_T

3. What is one thing you will change about her?
none .

Y for YenLin
1. Does this person wear make-up?
dont think so .

2. Does this person play instruments?
nooo .

3. What is his favourite sport?
yen , what's ur favourite sport ? o.O

Z for Zhi Wei
1. Does this person have MSN?
yeahh ,

2. Have you gone out with her?
nooo .

3. When will you see this person next?
next year .



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