Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i guess i'm dreaming again (: [edited]

hello . its been long since i updated . life at home , is kind of pretty boring (: and my blog's kind of dead -.-'

anyways , i'm so into paramore right now -.- dont ask me why , i dont know :D i love paramore ! i love hayley william's voice ! she's ... zomg man ! i tried to sing like her , but i failed -.-' ah but anyways , she rock ! i mean PARAMORE ROCK :D and i want their RIOT! CD :) and no , sheila , im not copying you :D its's just that PARAMORE IS JUST TOO AWESOME (; . and my handphone memory card is only 64 mb . yes , sue me -.-' and so i've to delete every jay chou's songs , and put in PARAMORES :D omg , claire , remember you said , " imagine if she doesnt like jay chou anymore =.=' " i think its starting already ! but nolah , JAY CHOU's STILL the BEST :D

i still want so many CD's T_T

oh , I WANT TAYLOR SWIFT'S ALSO :D fearless ! Taylor Swift is awesome lah she . her " white horse " is damn nice (: and after reading may yin's blog , i like " Forever & Always " TOO ! :D

anyways , i bought Galaxy's Mag yesterday , just because they have ROBERT PATTINSON'S INTERVIEW ;) omfg . xD and and also a twilight poster full page ! i was so happy ! and also news bout Jay Chou ! :D :D see 2 in 1 man ! im loving Galaxy already ;) they also had a Taylor Swift's picture there , and she's so pretty T_T omg . i love her eyes ! :P

is a few more weeks till school reopens , and i still haven finish buying my school books -.- i'm damn dead . next year , i'm going to be the only kid in SriKL , :D . im sort of sad too ! cause last time , if i buy books i can buy my bro buy for me . but now , i've to do everything myself -.-' but i'm happy , cause my bro wont be anymore longer there ! :P


will be going for an early christmas outing with JessLoo & Swei , maybe this week or next week :D cant wait cant wait ! its been a year since i saw Jess ! and we'll be exchanging Christmas Gifts ! fun fun ! and we plan to go for karaoke :P yeah maaan (;

this saturday , will be going OneU with Madeline ! might be going Neway :D and might be going her house too ! Its been long since i went out with her . More than One year !

then next week , might be going Pyramid with Meiting ; MinXuan ; and XiangTing (; Cant wait too ! :D cause i haven go out with them before o.O hope it wont be awckward or anything :\

i love holidays cause i get to meet up or my long lost buddies !

speaking of outings , i havent go out with May Yin during holidays ! T_T

and also , SJSY OUTING O.O what happen to it ? ): Yen , are you still grounded ? :\

running to clean up my books now !
p.s : I STILL HAVENT FIND MY CAPO -.-' its confirm , LOst !


okay :D i feel like bloggin !

piano and guitar was ... okay i guess . i had to walk to my piano centre -.-' this is what happens when you have 4 people who knows how to drive in your family and you only have 3 cars -.-' pfft . anyways , yeah . bro went out with friends , dad's off to work , sister was at college . so i needed my mum to walk there , and i sort of feel bad , cause she have to stop cooking for me T_T

piano was very fun ! teacher and i kept laughing T_T she kept laughing at my mistakes okay ! :\ i dont know why , but yeah . i just love her lah :D :D

then guitar , was 1 hour , cause replacement . then , i told him i lost my capo . I MADE EXCUSES SAYING THAT MY FRIEND LOST IT -.- i know , i lied . but . :\ im sorry . i know im careless . anyways , i spent rm70 on that capo once again . then , he lost the JayChouCD that i burned for him . and we were learning " gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian " previously , and that song needs capo . but i dont have , then he say , we dont have to follow :D cause we dont have the song ! heheh yeah ;) then , i asked him to teach me " i'm yours - jason mraz " . yeah he did ! and i cant master it due to the strumming -.- ugh .

before i went for piano & guitar , i was cleaning up books . and i found my Sibling's Form3's books . and yeah , i have brenda's and my bro's form 3 books now . so i decided to sell some extra books to Shaza ! first price was rm73 . cause it was all wrapped and all . but no , her dad say its 2nd hand , so half price . so i said , fine , rm40 . -.-' omg man . i was like ... T_T shit :\ aiya , fine lah rm40 . as long as can sell -.-'

and yeah , TMRW'S SRIKL'S PROM NIGHT :D enjoy for those who are going ! Fitri , ENJOY ENJOY ! ;)



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